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Corona | Heineken
A sample of CGI work I can do. I did not create models, but the textures and labels were added on by me.
I filled a balloon with flour & a knife was thrown, this is the result that was captured.
Panda Express
A mock advertising for Panda Express.
A casual day at Martin Luther King Skatepark in Oceanside, CA with Nelson Torres skating the bowl.
Parker Perez
Parker Perez skates a frontside grab at Martin Luther King skatepark in Oceanside.
Lancer Nile Chau, front leads the ball away from Panther Greg Faust on Saturday January 28 2012 at Newbury Park High School on Saturday, January 28 2012. The Panthers won the game 2-0 against Thousand Oaks and will be playing home again on Tuesday.
Varsity Girls Water Polo Practice
During a practice at Agoura High with the Varsity Girls Water Polo team.
Calabasas High School Coyote Nick Baker makes a save for the ball at Keith Ritche Field during the game on Friday against Thousand Oaks. The coyotes lost the game 2 - 13.
Malibu Shark Jordan Simon, escapes the fate of the ball by sliding into third base during Saturday's game against Channel Islands (Oxnard). The Sharks won the game 9 - 2.
Alex Reveles of Channel Islands, leaps onto first base on Saturday against the Sharks at Malibu High. The Raiders lost the game 2 - 9.
Lining Up
New Orleans Hornets Jarrett Jack makes a shot during the game in Los Angeles at the Staples Center on March 26. The Hornets lost 85 - 97
New Orleans Hornets Trevor Ariza (left) and Jarret Jack (right) congradulate each other after scoring during the 3rd quarter at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on March 26.
Kelcie Martinez, age 6, pitches the ball during the game on Saturday afternoon at Rudolph Memorial Beck Park in Oxnard.
Destry Abbott jumps the finish line during lap 11 of the endurocross event in the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, in May of this year.
Rachel Masasse
Rachel Manasse of Long Beach State returns a shot against UCSB's Natalia Lozano on Saturday April 7 in Goleta. LBSU lost 3 - 4.
No activities found.