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The Fruit Seller
A woman sells apples by a main road in Bishkek
Jumping for Joy
Artist Michal Wisniowski at Ocean Beach in San Francisco
California Hills
The hills just west of Stanford, Ca following a recent wave of rain.
San Francisco
Night shot of San Francisco as seen from Treasure Island with the Bay Bridge in the foreground.
Michal Wisniowski
Portrait of SF based painter Michal Wisniowski shot in January of 2012
An anonymous protester wears a mask from the film V for Vendetta while at an #OpBART protest. The protester was also actively photographing police activity including attacks on protesters and managing social media outreach.
A portrait of photographer Kaitlin McGill
Parry Shen
Actor Parry Shen on set for the film Yes We're Open dir. Richard Wong.
We all HAVE the Freedom to Marry
Protests signs formerly saying "We all deserve the freedom to marry" were modified to say "We all have the freedom to marry" after Federal Judge, Judge Walker declared Proposition 8 (the measure banning same-sex marriage in California) unconstitutional.
After BART police shut down the wireless cell phone towers below ground to quell a protest regarding police abuse, activists organized regular protests of the BART police's use of excessive violence as well as limiting the first amendment rights of patrons. Such protests were regularly met with force using batons and tasers.
A Boy in Bishkek
A boy wears traditional Kyrgyz attire at a political rally in Bishkek in October of 2010 prior to the country's first election after their revolution earlier in the year.
Indian Wedding
A couple celebrates a traditional Hindu ceremony including the 7 steps around a holy fire.
Street Children in Mumbai
Some of the children from slums in Mumbai nap on the sidewalk of a major street near VT station in December of 2009. (since renamed Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Station)
Isla Vista Pride
Students from UCSB celebrate the first annual Isla Vista Pride, a community celebration for the LGBT community in May of 2010.
Taking the Plunge
A handglider jumps off of Mt. Elbert from over 13,000ft in Colorado in August of 2011.
National Equality March
Students and youth lead the National Equality March which brought a quarter of a million people to Washington DC on October 11th, 2009.
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