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  • Artists, Why?

    Artists are a unique bunch of which I am glad to be a participating member :-) We spend hours, days months and years of our lives expressing ourselves in hopes that someone will get some joy from it or revelation. Even just a moment of foot tapping or
  • Fortress Strong and ready for 2014

    Well the Fortress got an upgrade over the past few weeks. My recording / graphic computer got 4 more gigs of memory for a total of 10 gigs. I also installed Virtual Box on it so I could install windows onto my Mac. I did that so I could still use my Photoshop
  • What do you charge?

    Hey graphic designers out there. Since this is a network for sharing ideas and concepts and just rubbing elbows with other creatives, I have a question. As a graphic artist, how do you set your fees? Hourly, Per Job basis, package prices? I know it can
  • My Big (S) Collection

    Okay, so I admit it! I am a huge fan of Superman. Over the years I have assembled just a few items that started out as just some gifts from friends and such. Some say it’s a sickness, obsession, addiction…. maybe a little bit of all those
  • Making Time For Your Own Projects

    Many times as a producer of creativity it can be difficult to find time for your own creative projects. We spend a large amount of time working on client projects and we use a large amount of creativity power to do the best job we can. So, at the end
  • In the Studio Mixing a Rock Album

    Earlier this month the Fortress had the pleasure of having the JP3 Band out of Virgina come and lay down tracks for their new upcoming CD Release. They are a power house 3 piece rock band (Mainly Blues). Great guys and great music. So this week I am
  • The End

    To quote a line in an old Beatles song, “The End” (The love you take Is equal to the love you make) . This relates in the sense that promotion is a bigger deal than many might want to admit. It’s a lot of work darn it! It takes a lot of time and dollars
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