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Friday the 13th Wedding
A father’s trip to his youngest daughter’s wedding turns into more than he bargained for. Filled with recollections of war days and family days, this story will hit home for any dad.
Hijacked Luxury Limo
Sam’s day starts out as yet another business trip stuck in a hotel. This seemingly normal night turns into a wild ride. This story proves that the world can change in a moment. Sam climbs into a limo, moments later he is in a fight for his life
Samoan Crab Weighs In
Vice Like Grips
Samoan Crab -vs- Pineapple Sam
Excited with our first catch almost becomes our last...
Aloha! Cool to have you here. I want to hear your stories...
Killing Peace
Pineapple Sam left the surf and sand in on Kauai for the war riddled jungle of Vietnam. Only day dreams of life and love on the beach are able to offer comfort among the blood and destruction of war. Delve into this nightmare from a first-hand account. Open the pages to Killing Peace and be prepared for a 100% authentic look into the mind and life of a highly trained Marine. It’s the life of Pineapple Sam.
Hawaiian Pineapple Jarhead
Hawaiian Pineapple Jarhead gives you a true look into the harsh conditions used to train Marines. View through the eyes of a young Kauai local not quite sure how he ended up enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. This raw story gives readers the true insight into how a young eighteen year old transforms from 1960's hippie to hardcore Marine. Pineapple Sam finds himself among screaming drill sergeants and swamp-like conditions instead of the beautiful beaches of Hawaii.
Going to the Mainland
Learning there is a different way of doing things doesn’t come easy. The story of Going to the Mainland takes Pineapple Sam to places he had never been and keeps him learning a little something knew all along the way, such as how to ride and work on a ranch. Pineapple Sam learns through following his dreams and heading for the US mainland that the grass is not always greener on the other side. He finds new friends and even a few enemies while he tries to live life a bit differently
Local Boy and Tourist
Hijinks and young love are almost more than Pineapple Sam can handle. This story follows Sam, his best friends-Mando and Randy, and his brother-Hank as they get into clean and not so clean trouble on the island. This book takes you on a teenager’s journey of playing pranks, hiding trouble from your dad, and the nervousness that comes with falling in love. This story reads like you just sat down to talk to an old friend. Sam is completely candid about his feelings while going through the usual...
Pineapple Picking Cowboy
It is the height of the summer, Pineapple Sam and his friends are working and enjoying the life of being teens in Hawaii. The guys are exploring new places, camping out or scoping out the bikini chicks on the beach. The summer gets more entertaining when they run into spirits and meet some girls on a bike tour. Take a trip back to your teen years with this story. Pickup your own senses of nostalgia as you travel back to the carefree days of being young, single and full of courage.
Gardens of Sugar and Pineapple
This story takes you, the reader, through the humble beginnings of the author’s family to the miracle of his almost tragic birth. Pineapple Sam doesn’t know the meaning of the word fail. If the way he does things doesn’t work then he will look for another way. .He works hard and he plays hard. While his ingenuity and ability to take action is inspiring, Pineapple Sam also gets into his fair share of trouble. Let this story inspire you with the courage of a family seeking a new life...
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