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  • "K-Pro" Now Available

    My novel The K-Pro is now available either in hard copy or a variety of e-book formats. Go to the book's website or my author site for more info. I've also just finished a feature-length screenplay that's being read by a producer in NY
  • "St. Peter in Chains" Takes Grand Prize for Short Screenplay

    I'm excited to be able to announce that my short screenplay "St. Peter in Chains" (based on the novella) will have a table read at the Sundance Film Festival. It won Grand Prize in the shorts category in Table Read My Screenplay. Fingers
  • Austin Film Festival

    I did some coverage of the panels, screenings, and events I attended while at the Austin Film Festival. You can find them over at spooklights . Meanwhile, I'm still trying to find people interested in making my short script into a film. Shorts are
  • Feedback on My Screenplay

    Got some great, encouraging feedback on my screenplay. Anyone want to make a movie with me?
  • My Chat with a Producer

    Read about what I learned here .
  • Painting

    I haven't felt much like writing, so I'm doing some painting instead. I haven't painted in years, but I'm enjoying doing it again. You can follow the progress of my work over on PepperWords.com . Also, my Sherlock Holmes story is free
  • Free E-book Promo

    My e-book "Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of Ichabod Reed" is free today on Amazon Kindle. Go here to download your copy.
  • New E-Book Released

    My second Sherlock Holmes story, "The Adventure of Ichabod Reed" is now available via Amazon Kindle. It'll be exclusive to Kindle for 90 days before rolling out to other formats.
  • Hello

    Someone on a Facebook group said I should try this site out, so here I am. I have another site (PepperWords.com), which is why I called this PepperWords II . . . For real news about my work, you should probably visit my main site. Until I figure out how
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