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  • Hazel Eyes

    Glistening in the moonlight, her hazel eyes wet with fear. Her makeup smeared with blood and mud and mixed in with her falling tears. .............
  • Late

    Slit wrists and a face of dread, the knife still dripping with her red. And as she bled upon her bed, she cried softly and faintly said “I’ll miss you.”
  • Eloise Letter One

    Oh Eloise, Where has time gone? Can you remember the days in December When life would slow to a shortened pace as the snow would lightly fall on the window sill? Or the times we'd walk to that place where we'd first met and my heart would still
  • Alone

    The wind whispers lies of better weather Whether ever I move on Waiting for a better day Letters say I’m not coming home. I’m stuck here alone Dry leaves falling upon me don’t keep me warm. A winter storm upon the horizon her eyes on
  • No More, Whore

    Leaning against the wall Lying upright upon this cold, hard floor. A soft light fading within an old lamp Lying by an old tramp I used to adore. The fucking whore. Broken glass spread upon this cold, hard floor. I'll fight for you, I'll fight
  • Wipe Away Your Tears

    Just lay your head on my shoulder, let me wipe away your tears. I know that he's been hurting you, he's been beating you for years. I remember when he use to love you, he treated you like a queen. You were the most beautiful woman, that he has
  • Tonight's Desire

    Light up the night skies. The stars, they're falling. Wake up my dark eyes. The night is calling. Tear down the drapes, dear. The moonlight will do. Let everything else disappear. All I desire is you. Let the coyotes howl. And the owls, hoot. Let
  • For Andrine

    Sempiternal, mellifluous Andrine. You're the cynosure of my eyes. Ineffably beautiful. You're the quintessential part of my day, and my tomorrows. You're the panacea for all of my sorrows. A dulcet elixir I can't help but desire to swallow
  • Dream of Me

    Close your eyes, And fall asleep. Fall into deep sleep, And dream sweet. Dream of my blue eyes, Looking into yours. Dream of my small hands, Pressing into yours. Dream of my name, That you would have given me. Dream of the colors, That you would have
  • Please Don't Go

    “Please don’t go” were the last words that she said to me. I was gone before she could say good bye. Three words that almost stopped my heart a beat shorter. Three words that she frantically spoke that sounded almost like a gasp for
  • Deeper Than You

    Words spilling onto the page Like blood seeping from my wounds. Letters held together with familiarity. Words of regret stained red. Etched with pain. The knife dripping, dripping, dripping. I can almost hear her say my name. My mind is slipping, slipping
  • Music You Should Check Out

    I absolutely love music so I thought I would share (if you haven't heard these) some links to some amazing songs/artists/producers. Here are some links! Enjoy and let me know how you like them! The Weeknd - The Party & The After Party http://www
  • About Myself

    I'm utterly shocked that I have never heard of this website. Much thanks to one of the many daily music blogs that I read, PMA, for talking about this website on their blog. I am fascinated and in love with music and it inspires me daily. I have only
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