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Not Approved
DENIED! Yep. This photo of Angelina Jolie was NOT approved for inclusion in my new book. Her peeps told me that "she didn't sign the release to be in the book; only for newspapers, magazines and internet." Maybe she'll be in the movie....
It's the Hat
Intuitive Creative...from the Media Guy
Chocolate. The Substitute for Love.
Edgy ad for chocolate.
United Lebanon Relief
Print PSA to help children of war.
Miss USA Interview with the Media Guy
Links can be found here: http://mediamindsetter.blogspot.com/2012/06/mgs-chat-miss-usa-2010-rima-fakih.html and http://alomagazine.com/insider/features/missusa/ These days, Rima Fakih has one rule for her life: Don’t put encumbrances on her. And who can blame her! The first Arab-American queen in the history of the Miss USA pageant was put under clamps by the Miss Universe organization when she later ran for that title. She was restricted from speaking her mind about her culture...
The Business Experience Show
Have you written or thought about writing a book? What do you do once you have your concept down and your book is nearly done? Lauded media consultant Michael Lloyd chats about the book world with The Business Biography including getting started, finding an agent, and self-promoting. Download the podcast... http://thebusinessexperienceshow.com/podcasts.html
County Fair Commercial - Bay Area
San Mateo County Fair commercial. Nominated for two Emmy Awards. Responsible for all creative, concept and copywriting.
Landscapes of Life: Behind the Lens
COMING SOON TO AMAZON... T ake a visual journey through the eyes of a makeshift anthropologist. The extraordinary photographs showcased in Landscapes of Life are from the eclectic viewpoint of Michael Lloyd, who snaps at will to capture the moments often missed, This remarkable book showcases endless emotions adding up to a panoramic view of life from Los Angeles to Lebanon. You'll discover heartwarming photographs that perfectly capture the spirit of the mind. His subjects, entangled...
Mike Lloyd Showreel 2012
See the showreel of recent work. Enjoy the Creative! http://www.sohosoho.tv/showreels/Mike-Lloyd-Showreel-2012-Wizzo-Co-21d02cbbf9e1d193d0f5
Intertwining of Cultures
My official entry in the World Cup of Photography - Category = Artistic/Pro http://www.digitalphotopro.com/pvw.html
Published work in Travel Age West
I just discovered a new photo of mine (with credit) that was published in Travel Age West. Here's the link: http://www.travelagewest.com/Travel/Africa/Info/Lebanon--In-Focus/
Old Works. Great Memories.
Back in 1992, a young Media Guy teamed with an old art critic to dive into some amazing work at the Australian National Gallery. Here's an excerpt from one of my favorite passages and works. This is one of a small group of pictures painted by Magritte in Paris in 1927-28, in which the identity of the figures is mysteriously shrouded in white cloth. The group of paintings includes L'histoire centrale (The central story) 1927 (collection Isy Brachot, Brussels); L'invention de la vie...
Los Angeles Times - Published
Here's the link to my Lebanon hotel photo story in the Los Angeles Times : http://www.latimes.com/travel/la-trw-offbeattraveler4-pg,0,5762814.photogallery
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