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I can't let it go. When I learned one of my oldest friends from Las Vegas died, I was stunned! I could not understand that Chris Kelly was gone.
He and I met in 1967 playing basketball. He was good, could play all day and run like a deer.  All the things I could not do.
He never asked me for a loan, never talked negatively or hit on my girlfriends. Chris was a wonderful man and a true friend.
He would walk a mile just to help you move some furniture. Nothing was over the top as a favor when
One of my favorite painting by me..."BORDERS."
As I painted this, I think I had too much medication.
I ;painted some spring flowers
my painting "color"
Every once in a awhile life throws you a left hook.

Yesterday was my left hook.
My primary physician, Dr. S,  called, "you must rush immediately to the hospital emergency room. Ask for a high priority blood draw and a EKG (electrocardiogram).  You are a Sudden Death victim and you could expire any minute."
He got my attention.  
"Your recent blood results show extreme levels in a number of areas which can cause instant death. This is most troubling and I advise you to go now, and do not drive yourself.
Honeymoon to London                        

I couldn’t think of one reason why I shouldn’t marry Tracy. We were made for each other.  At least I was made for her!
Coming from Colorado, we thought living in Northern California would be divergent. How divergent?
In our first week we experienced a magnitude 7.1 earthquake twelve miles from our home. Got your attention?
The Loma Prieta Earthquake, October 17, 1989, during the World Series. The San Francisco Giants were hosting the Oakland A’s that Monday.
We did get married twenty four years ago- Part Two

Marriage, what a wonderful way to go through life with a friend, partner, lover and guardian angel. Twenty four years later, it is still euphoria, only better.
Tracy and I got married in the city of weddings: Las Vegas. I knew a District Court Judge who married us in his chambers. He allowed us to write the three hour ceremony. Maybe a little less than three hours. Perhaps a lot less; we were anxious to seal the deal.
Once the knot was tied, we had to
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