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  • Scribble Drawings of Celebrities by Artist Vince Low

    Malaysian Artist Vince Low creates incredible scribbles of your favorite celebrities. His series Faces are free flowing yet surprisingly detailed drawings of actors we all love. You'll see Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Johnny Depp and more. Source:
  • Lip Art Brings a Smile - Makeup Artist Laura Jenkinson

    Not exactly what we'd call kissable, but definitely ... intriguing. Makeup artist Laura Jenkinson is blurring the line between make-up art and illustration, painting mini-portraits of popular cartoon characters on her lips! You'll see Genie, Olaf
  • Hilarious Harry Potter Dumbledore Comics

    Ah... Dumbledore. Well Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Order of Merlin (first class), Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, and Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot
  • Unbelievably Detailed Leaf Art

    Artist Lorenzo Manuel Durán Silva creates amazingly detailed leaf art. By cutting shapes into various leaves, Silva creates stunning works of miniature art - animals, faces, nature scenes and more. "Inspired by a caterpillar, I decided to cut plant
  • Street Art in the Amazon Rain Forest

    Street art is now everywhere! Artist and Photographer, Philippe Echaroux has created the world's first street art project in the Amazon! 'Street Art 2.0' in the Amazon Rain Forrest. A beautiful and innovative approach to street art that replaces
  • Quote of The Week — Burk Uzzle

    “Photography is a love affair with life.” — Burk Uzzle
  • Painted Faces That Tell A Story by Artist Isamaya Ffrench

    Make-up artist, Isamaya Ffrench isn’t afraid of using unconventional colors and techniques to tell stories through people’s faces. Bold and vivid her work creates a distinct layer of communication. She worked as a face painter at children’s parties before...
  • Dad Turns His Son’s Drawings Into Reality

    This is what happens when a dad and son team up together. Tom Curtis is the dad, Dom is the son. They create wonderful works of art. It starts from a photo the duo have taken during various family activities. Dom will then draw a scene, animal, object...
  • Sundance Exhibition - Towards the Light - Artist Bonnie Lambert

    Elevate StudioVox is thrilled to announce that Fine Art Painter, Bonnie Lambert was selected by Sundance Cinemas Gallery of Robert Redford's Sundance Group for an exclusive exhibition at their Sundance Cinema Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. The artist
  • Submittals for National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year - Deadline This Week - Nov 4, 2016

    Hurry! - You still have time! - The final deadline for entries to the 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest is November 4. Photographers are welcome to submit entries into four separate categories—Landscape, Environmental Issues
  • Dreamscapes in Pastel by Milica Golubovic

    Illustrator and visual artist Milica Golubović comes from a small old town on the Adriatic coast. Inspired by nature, sea(side) and dreams, she works with dreamy textures and pastel colors. By applying a poetic and often metaphorical language in her work...
  • How to Stay Mentally Strong Between Jobs as a Creative Freelancer

    Being a freelance artist often means riding the never-ending anxiety filled roller coaster of - “What’s my next gig?” No one likes that lag time between working on a great project, it ending and finding the next one. Going from employed to unemployed...
  • If Superheroes Were Created by Tim Burton - Part 2

    Artist Andrew Tarusov is a master at bringing fantasy worlds together. An artist and animator based in Los Angeles, California, Tarusov has re-imagined our favorite superheroes as if they were created by Tim Burton. You'll see Thor, Wolverine, Deadpool...
  • Artist Captures Astonishing Beauty in Faces Around the World

    Fine artist Stephen Bennett is an American portrait painter who travels to the far corners of the world seeking out indigenous and local people to portray. Young, old, joyful and withered faces fill his large vibrant canvases. Bennett has a keen sense...
  • Five Landscape Photographers You Should Know

    Each week, StudioVox selects artists, photographers, or designer from our community whose work inspires us creatively. Whether for its beauty, detail, or the story behind the work, StudioVox features artists we love that we think you'll enjoy too...
  • The Best of #Inktober2016 Drawings

    Every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month. Here's the best of Inktober2016! By Denis Alonso
  • Tips and Tricks for Great ‘Levitation’ Photos - Photographer Christopher James

    ‘Levitation’ photos have a mysterious and mystical quality as if the photographer worked magic. While sometimes the photographer has worked magic, it's not the mystical's more the roll up your sleeves and get creative with what you've...
  • Illustrator of the Week - Myamo

    Each week, StudioVox selects an artist, photographer, or designer from our community whose work inspires us creatively. Whether for its beauty, humor, detail, or the story behind the work StudioVox features artists we love that we think you'll enjoy...
  • Photography that Defies Expectations of Reality by Raymond Bonavida

    Combining traditional photography with a time exposure technique, Los Angeles based Photographer Raymond Bonavida produces visually stunning images that defy our expectations of reality. For Bonavida, photography is much more than a form of aesthetics;...
  • 7 Top Movies Every Film Buff Needs to See

    Developing your craft as a filmmaker takes practice, talent and lots of experimentation. A side benefit is having a great reason to watch the top films of all time. When you spend your spare time watching the classics of the film world, you learn more...
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