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15 Great Places to Get Your Artwork Featured
Looking for different blogs and magazines to submit your artwork to? Look no further, here is a large list of blogs and magazines looking for artists to feature on their sites or publications. Make sure to bookmark this list, because there will be new...
Bruce Black, "Agavanatomy", watercolor on paper, 16″ X 20″ This is an original watercolor painting by Bruce Black. The picture depicts a beautiful agave cactus. ​While taking my students to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens on a field trip, I snapped a picture of this beautifully colored agave cactus. The fun in painting this one, was in trying to capture all the different colors from violets to greens to browns.
Arizona Rodeo
Original watercolor painting by Bruce Black on archival watercolor paper, (18" X 24"). This painting is unframed and umatted. The painting depicts a group of rodeo cowboys gathered in a coral. In the foreground one cowboy sits atop his beautiful horse. The picture has the feeling of camaraderie, the southwest and cowboying. The colors are warm and in the pastel range.
Arizona Sunset
This lovely little painting depicts a warm Arizona sunset over the Sedona valley in Northern Arizona. The challenge of this painting was to capture the feeling the sun hitting the peaks in the distance while the foreground settles into shade. I had to get the values of the colors to lighten as I worked on the distant peaks and also cool the shadows. Finally, I added quite a lot of detail to the foreground cliffs to give the viewer the sense that he is standing close by. This is a true western landscape...
AZ Pit Mine
AZ Pit Mine is an original watercolor painting on archival paper by American Realist watercolor artist, Bruce Black. (16" X 20") The painting makes use of warm tans and grays to depict a serene dessert landscape. A tree stands in the foreground and a ragged cliff is in the background.
A Good Day's Work
Original Watercolor Painting (16 X 20) Good Day's Work by Contemporary American Realist Bruce Black. This painting depicts a man laboring to dig out an earthen basement while light filters through the doorway.
Bisbee Lady
Bisbee Lady is 17" X 23" on archival 140lb watercolor paper. It is unmatted and unframed. I saw this funky house when I was down visiting Bisbee with my family. It is quite old and in desperate need of repair, yet still somehow quite wonderful. The name Bisbee Lady refers to San Francisco's famous row of painted ladies houses. I humorously have dubbed this one of Bisbee's ladies.
After living in Oregon for several years following Graduate school, I can tell you it is magical place. This painting, of the Columbia River Gorge, was done from the perspective of the lookout that you come to when following the highway for the great waterfalls. I will always have a fond place in my heart for Oregon. COLUMBIA RIVER GORGE, watercolor on paper, 18″ X 23.5″
Original Watercolor painting by Contemporary American Realist, Bruce Black. In this painting, Two cowboys on horseback are pursuing a calf and attempting to rope it in a rodeo. ​18" X 24" Archival watercolor paper.
Stunning Sky Photography Captures Ethereal Moments
New York based artist Eric Cahan captures stunningly beautiful shots of the sky. Several focal points define his work; light, specifically the light generated by the sun at sunrise and sunset, science, nature, and the ephemeral quality of memories. These...
I love #Inktober :)
More Than I Can Bear
Look out.
Look out drawn in graphite Sold but prints are available, Like all my works of art there are prints available in A 4 size at $155.00 0r A 3 size at $205.00 and 25% of profits from any of my art goes to Cancer research.
Discarded Electronics Re-imagined as Animal Sculptures
Artist Tim Hobbelman creates brilliant animal sculptures from broken electronics. Titled Animaux, the pieces are created out of old discarded electronic devices such as hair dryers, kids toys, headphones and electric shavers. Each piece can take up to...
🎩 💰 🏁 📞 📱 🎥 💻 📺 🎧 🎤 🐑 💤  
A réflexion about our social media environnement & narrative...
“There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” - Isaac Asimov
You guys KNOW I paint the trout however on occasion these splatter jeans are too fun to resist! #inthestudio #splatterpaint #painteddenim #flyfishingartist #admaddoxart Photo by @ascarlati
Jesus Is
Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.
This is great !!
Costumes Made From Garbage Raise Awareness About Pollution
“ The Prophecy ” is a powerful photo series that portrays the impact of environmental problems. From oil spills, to garbage, fishing nets, fire, and more. A collaboaration between photographer Fabrice Monteiro , Senegalese fashion and costume designer...
Al Pacino: Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know
He dropped out of school at the age of 17. He began smoking at age nine, and drinking, and took up casual marijuana use at age thirteen, but never used hard drugs. His two closest friends died from drug abuse at the ages of 19 and 30. Growing up in The...
This is a great website, I am looking forward to seeing all the contributions, news and ideas. As well as share from my studio too. Thank you.
5 Tips to Promote Your Personal Brand
One of the biggest challenges artists face is getting their work noticed and remembered - Even when it’s fabulous… it must rise above the noise. Unlike many other types of jobs, creative work needs to be accompanied by a well thought out personal brand...
#trouttuesday Hopper Snack ... limited edition prints available #browntrout #hoppers #flyfishingartist #flyfishingart #admaddoxprints
Agen Casino Dirajai Oleh Sang Raja Merah Yang Professional
Raja merah adalah website judi terbaik selalu memegang judi online teguh prinsip untuk memberi kepuasan. Raja merah tidak peduli tentang undang-undang yang telah ditetapkan oleh pemerintah. Ia hanya melakukan tugas membuat hati para member bahagia dan...
brians artwork 008.jpg
Beautiful Rosemarie $600
Beautiful Rosemarie Drawing in water colour pencil $600 All my art is for sale to raise funds for Cancer research. I have had people asking me why I don't paint lady's in the nude, Well I think lady's look far sexier in some sort of clothing like sexy lingerie it leaves a little bit to the imagination, and any way I did more than my share of nude art in College, this is just quick drawing so that I can get the right balance of color's for the oil painting, this drawing was done in...
Beautiful Blue-winged Kookaburra $1,000
Beautiful Blue-winged Kookaburra $1000 Drawn in pastel on board. The Blue-winged Kookaburra is a rather large kingfisher, that lives in the northern areas of Australia and the southern regions of New Guinea, I think of all the Kookaburras it is far prettier than any of the others and a little smaller than the others, this one I came across on a trip to Darwin, the medium I have used to draw this Kookaburra is Pastel I hope you like it. 25% of funds from the sale of my art is donated to Cancer research...
Abstract Fire walker $1.000.jpg
This painting is done with acrylic paint on canvas board, I ended up with this abstract when I was thinking about a campfire painting, for a portrait I am painting of a aborigine sitting on a loge playing his Didgeridoo, don't know where I was or what planet I was on but ended up with this abstract, the wife told me she had called me many times for lunch but it was dark when I had finished.
Artists Pool
Artists Pool $2500 painted in acrylic fully framed ready to hang All my art is for sale to raise funds for Cancer research. I call this painting Artist's Pool. It was a long walk but very peaceful and the view was spectacular. I am so glad I took my Konica Minolta S L R because I got some great shots of the Overland Track in Tasmania. It is so beautiful! To get to my pool you leave the Overland Track down to Lake St Claire which is a 2 hr walk down the side of the mountain. It a long way but...
Monsters on the NYC Subway
There are monsters in the NYC Subway! Artist Ben Rubin has created the perfect balance between creepy and adorable. Mixing a bit of twisted humor with a dash of sympathetic humanness, Ben brings his beloved but sometimes disturbing monsters to life in...
In the midst of the dew drops
The red rose gets more delighted.
When snow covers it
It melts with love and gratitude
And looks the best.

- Anupreeta Chatterjee
Beginning stages ... Building a beauty! #makingart #verdaccio #flyfishingart #oil #rainbowtrout #admaddoxoriginals
In A World So Dark
Wrap Me Up
Le Métallique
Slow Motion Movie
Wrap Me Up
le métallique
Slow Motion Movie
In A World So Dark
New Rugs will be released for purchase on my site soon! I'll keep you posted. #troutrugs #americandakota #admaddoxswag #homedecor #cabelas
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