<img src='https://d5nxst8fruw4z.cloudfront.net/atrk.gif?account=lmQag1a0Or00wc' style='display:none' height='1' width='1' alt='' /> Keith Kern - San Carlos, California, United States
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It's My Day!!!
Thank you StudioVox for showing your love and support!! My full online portfolio can be found at www.keithkern.blogspot.com
Colin Kaepernick "Kaepernicking"
I made this illustration using a tablet with photoshop. "Kaepernicking" is Colin Kaepernick's signature touchdown pose. He plays for the San Francisco 49ers.
Sam The Stoker
I made this illustration using my tablet with photoshop. This character is for a game idea I have
I opened my Graphic Arts store on Zazzle
My art is now available to be purchased through Zazzle. I started a store that features my art work on apparel, electronic accessories, posters and more called The Kernal. I'm very excited about it and I think it will be a big success. My characters...
Jenny the Zombie
Zombie illustration from a comic I started called Chaos and Destruction. I'm only in the stage of character development. This is Jenny, part of the ZSquad Company of the Undead. 100% digital illustration.
Illustration of Marcy
Just finished this illustration for Marcy. Added a fun cowgirl theme. I was very happy with how well her belt buckle came out. 100% digital painting
This is another piece I submitted to TurningArt. I did two versions of this Radioactive interpretation. My other version file size is too big. I really love this song "Radioactive" by the Imagine Dragons. Every time I listened to it I wanted to draw something about it. I can really feel this song and this piece was my interpretation of it. I started this piece with pencil. Then I moved to outlining with pen and then painting in photoshop. I would love to hear any feedback. Most of the time...
One of my illustrations that I submitted to TurningArt. This was originally a concept art piece that I used to survey what colors people liked most. I think it looks cool as an illustration. His name is Junior from a comic I created called Furballs
Self Portrait
I really liked the grey scale of this pic I did for my comic Chaos & Destruction. I'll be adding this one to my blog store once I get my store up and running.
Keith "KT" from Chaos and Destruction
Another character from my comic Chaos & Destruction. One of the good guys
Josh "Doc" from Chaos and Destruction
Another character for my comic Chaos & Destruction. One of the good guys
Den from Chaos & Destruction
This is a character profile for a new comic I'm creating called Chaos & Destruction. I'm really creating this comic to use as portfolio UI Art examples. I did come up with a good story line though. The comic is about about survival in a world of carnage between good guys, bad guys and undead. I've been waiting for the chance to make some zombies")
I need my hands to move as fast as my mind
Wow! It's been a long time since I was here last. I hate when you've been gone from a site so long that you forget your password. Anyway, I've been busy. I'm working full time on a web comic I started. It's all over the place. It's...
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  • I need my hands to move as fast as my mind too. Let me know once you figure that one out! :)

  • Hahaha! Mazen, I'll keep you posted. Drinking a lot of coffee helps. Or maybe that's my problem. Back to the drawing board

The Stoker & Capt. Kernal "BAMF" page 1
This is a new comic I created with Sam Stokes. Two middle-aged wanna-be super heros who do more damage then good. The sad thing is that they are the only hope in their City. This series is called "BAMF".
GC Comic "The Real Economy"
My newest episode in the GC Comic series. Based on Grant Cardone's Strategy of the Week. Find more about Grant Cardone at www.cardonesuccess.com See the last few episodes to figure out what happened to the Mouse's brother and how our friend the Cat got that nasty lump on his head.
GC Comic "Genuine Interest"
The newest GC Comic. See "Price vs Value" to find out who is thinking inside Sam's belly
Thanks Keith for reaching out and connecting... Love your characters... Best Regards from Australia... Tetka
GC Comic "Price vs Value"
This is my most recent GC Comic GC stands for Grant Cardone. Grant Cardone is a New York Times Best Selling Author. He helps people become more successfull in business and in life. He offers daily success tips, weekly strategies, coaching and sales training. He'll boost your motivation to a new level. Ive listened to a few of his audio books and they are amazing. I created this comic to help illustrate his sales stratagies.
Keith Kern AC12 Crew
This is a self portrait of me showing love for my AC12 Crew. AC12 Crew is a group of Artists with a common purpose. Fullfill your artistic dreams and inject your art into the world.
The Stoker & Capt. Kernal
This is a new comic idea my friend Sam Stokes had. Sam is the writer of this piece. The story is about two old wanna-be superheros who end up doing more bad then good. They think they are doing the right thing for the City but in actuality they are creating chaos. Please give any feedback... 1) Do you understand it? 2) Does it communicate well? 3) Is it funny? 4) What do you like most about it?
49er "Goldrush Bill"
Pen and Pencil drawing of a 49er. I call him "Goldrush Bill".
Lions After Dark
Pen and Pencil drawing of the Lions After Dark. Indie Rock band from Florida and part of the AC12 Crew. www.facebook.com/lionsafterdark
Collins and Wadhams set sail on the SS Jimmy
Pen and pencil drawing of Jimmy Collins and Chris Wadhams. This is a scene from an adult story book Im working on with writer Zack Bolger.
Warren from the AC12 Crew.
Pen drawing with pencil shading of Warren Tardif. An actor in LA and part of the AC12 Crew.
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