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Keith Dotson photo appears in TechCrunch video profile of Boston high-tech firm
Thanks to Katie at Turning Art for alerting me to the fact that my “Antique Farm Machine” made a brief cameo in this video on TechCrunch yesterday. Very cool! Turning Art placed the photo at Formlabs in Boston for me. I love them! I enjoy...
Featured artist on Artsy Shark
Big thank you to Carolyn at Artsy Shark art business website for naming me as featured artist for the day! Quite an honor for me :-) . And thank you also to the well-wishers who left nice messages on my Facebook page as a result of seeing the post...
Black and white Polaroid image of an architectural detail of an abandoned church
Happy holidays to all :-) Please download my free PDF e-book of my ten favorite personal photos of 2013. www.keithdotson.com/.../
Enjoying art in the nation's capitol. Here one of my favorite sculptors, "Graft" by Sculptor Roxy Paine
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  • I've never seen it in person.  Looks like its sculpted from metal?  

  • Hi Amanda - yes it's made from stainless steel. I saw a similar version in Ft. Worth, but it was two trees side by side, connected by branches reaching from tree to tree.

Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings: Black and white portfolio released on Pinterest
I've just released my new portfolio of black and white photographs as a set exclusively on Pinterest. Take a look at t he Mesa Verde Photographs here . Fine prints and licensing are available for all the photographs. Thanks for reading...
New Portfolio: Black and White Photographs of Rain and Fog
I’m happy to announce what has already become quite a popular portfolio, my new black and white photographs of rain and fog. View the slideshow below, or visit the portfolio page here . Fine art prints of the photographs are available. ...
Find My Photographs on the New Amazon Fine Art
I’m excited to announce that my photographs are included in the big new roll-out of Amazon Fine Art. In case you haven’t heard, the world’s largest online retailer is (re)entering the art market, and with 40,000 works of art it instantly...
TV Show "Melissa and Joey" Features My Photos for Season Three
ABCFamily TV show “Melissa and Joey” has continued featuring my photographs as a regular part of their set decor for season three. That’s exciting, and rumor has it the show has been renewed for season four. On the staircase from left...
Brilliant BBC Documentary about Nanny / Photographer Vivian Maier
I highly recommend this brilliant BBC documentary (only part one for now) about mysterious (and previously unknown) street photographer Vivian Maier. Ms. Maier, now deceased, was a nanny who made 150,000 photographs, most of which were never even processed...
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  • Hi Keith - Great documentary on a woman whose genius was not recognized until her death.  Shocking really, to see how so much passion and talent went unnoticed.  Her photographs are an amazing poetic documentation of suburbia and life in her time.  Her quiet, observant eye captures an honesty that's inspiring.  Thanks for sharing it.

  • Amanda -- I couldn't agree more with everything you said -- and her work seems even more pure because she created it totally for herself. The more of her photographs I see, the more I admire her talent.

I've Been Interviewed by Top Photography Films -- Take a Look
I’m super honored to have a really great interview / write-up over on Top Photography Films , a wonderful new-ish site by Buenos Aires-based photographer Kai Behrmann. Go over and let Kai know if you like the site or my interview. Read the Interview...
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  • Thanks Amanda! That photo was taken in Savannah, Georgia.

  • How fantastic! I agree with Amanda the photo they used for the article is stunning! Didn't know your work is at Wallspace LA, (great gallery!) I live near there and will definitely pop in to see it in person. I'll pass the word along as well. Congratulations Keith!

  • Denise - thank you so much. Be sure to say Hi to Valda at Wallspace for me.

In Autumn, Geronimo Weeps
A haiku by Jack Kerouac spray painted across a brick wall in tiny Adams, Tennessee “In Autumn Geronimo weeps — no pony with a blanket Kerouac” Those words looked like an epitaph to a dying town, when I read them on...
New Marriott Downtown Milwaukee acquires my photograph for lobby
I’m happy to announce that my architectural photograph of Milwaukee’s Mitchell Building will be hanging in the lobby of the brand-new luxury Marriott Downtown Milwaukee when it opens later this year. Many thanks to Bridget, of DAC Hospitality...
My Texas Capitol Lone Star Door Knob Becomes Part of a New Corporate Identity
Thanks to South Llano Strategies for licensing my “Brass Door Knob on Texas State Capitol Building,” photograph on their new corporate identity. Nice to be working with people in my old home town of Austin! The business cards and Web pages...
Abandoned Marsh Boat - Charleston
Buy a Print -- $48 >>
“Cedar Creek Charlie” Fields – Folk Artist and True Southern Eccentric
On a recent visit to the Museum of Appalachia , in Clinton, Tennessee, I saw for the first time some startling work by a deceased folk artist I’d never heard of before... “Cedar Creek Charlie” Fields. Some of Charlie’s work...
New iPhone Cases Available on Society6
This leaf with raindrops iPhone case is one of my newest designs for sale on Society6. Click the photo to get one. I’ve added nine new designs to my selection of custom iPhone cases and iPod skins for sale on Society6 , bringing my total to...
Sacred and Profane - New Orleans, 2013
Interior photograph depicting a mix of Catholic and voodoo symbols in New Orleans.
Chandelier in a Southern Plantation home, near New Orleans
French delights: Ornate plasterwork seen in one of the gorgeous, restored, old southern plantation homes just outside New Orleans. These antebellum homes were built by French-speaking families (or more accurately, by their slaves). Today, a series of the restored homes are open to visitors, many within a few miles of each other along the Mississippi River. Highly recommended! Buy a print -- $48 >>
Spartacus Film Stills and More at The Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research
As a film buff and a photography nut, I was interested to discover these old film stills from the production of Spartacus (1960), starring Kirk Douglas, housed at The Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research . In addition to the photographs, you...
Black and White Cinematic Film Stock–Stuck in the 50s
Gene Wilder in Mel Brooks’ brilliant B&W film Young Frankenstein. I rewatched one of my favorite movies a few nights ago– Young Frankenstein –and I was again reminded about its gorgeous black and white cinematography. Director...
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  • Thanks Alexis -- kinda scary to think it could have been in color had Brooks not fought the good fight!

  • Thanks for reading Quincy. I agree about Hitchcock, in fact, in some of his movies the shadows are almost like another character in the story.

  • You're welcome Keith! I'm glad Brooks fought the good fight, I don't even want to imagine it not being black and white!

New Photographs: Driftwood Beach (Jekyll Island, Georgia)
I’m very excited to announce the release of my big new portfolio of images made at Driftwood Beach, on Jekyll Island, Georgia. Driftwood Beach is quite unique in that it seems haunted by the tortured skeletons of dozens of large, dead trees scattered...
Announcing a New Portfolio Release: Photographs of New Orleans
I’m happy to announce the release of my big new portfolio of black and white photographs of New Orleans. Prints are available in a variety of sizes. Interested in an image? Just click it to learn more about it. Can’t see the images? Click...
Curly Vine By the Lake Shore
Rainy Day Series 1 of 5
Tree Fungus on Fallen Log
Old Stories are the Best Stories
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