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  • Untitled Script - Update

    Things have been going very well with the movie. The cast is set, and we have had two rehearsals so far. We have a location, and we are working on getting all the equipment together. This movie is going to be a little annoying to shoot, seeing as it takes
  • Untitled Script

    Working with the film club that Westchester Community College has, one of my short scripts is most likely going to get filmed soon. This is a script that I really am in love with, and I can not wait for things to flush out.
  • Red Flannel - Shooting

    Trying to find the last of the actors so that I can start to get things mobilized and begin shooting over this weekend (March 9th) and through the week following, due to my spring break being that weekend. One actor may have fallen out, which is a shame
  • Nothing special, I guess.

    Late post, but just wanted to say a few things. On Thursday, my school held its first annual Film Festival. It was pretty great. One of my friends took home a trophy in the "Short Fiction" category, so congratulations to him. Got to meet Michael
  • Red Flannel - Shot Selections 2

    Finished the shot selections, now just need to find myself some people willing to act and this movie will be on it's way. Camera is set, editing software is set, sound is almost set, the location for shooting is set, and I have an actor to play the
  • Red Flannel - Shot Selections

    Bought myself an HD video camera over the weekend, so I'll be able to do a bunch of the shooting for the movie. Currently working on mapping how I want each scene to play out. Just need to find some actors and actresses and shooting will be able commence
  • Red Flannel, Day One

    Met today with my friend whom is going to work on the movie I wrote, called Red Flannel. We worked out a lot of the shots and how things are going to look. Got the set mapped out and everything. Things are looking good!
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