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Easter Bunny Charity
A poster I made for Easter Bunny Charity of Spikes at Al Badia Golf Club.
Blades Restaurant Dubai World Cup Promotion
An offer created for Blades Restaurant in the light of Dubai World Cup.
St. Patrick's Day Special
I designed a simple St. Patrick's Day promotion for Spikes Restaurant
Spikes Ladies Night
I created a post in DiningDFC.com for Spikes' Ladies Night
La Truffe Blanche
Another artwork communicating Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire special - The White Truffle.
Colleague Party February 2014
This is the poster I created for the entire cluster's communication - Colleague Party.
Spikes Sports Poster
This is the sports poster I created for one of the restaurant of Al Badia Golf Club, Spikes.
Bistro Madeleine Meet the Wine Maker
This is the emailer I created for Bistro Madeleine, a French restaurant at InterContinental Dubai Festival City.
Zaytoun Business Lunch flyer
This is the flyer I created recently for Zaytoun, a Mediterranean restaurant at Crowne Plaza Dubai Festival City.
La Truffe Noire
This is the artwork I created promoting Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire black truffle promotion.
Skyline Lounge Menu
This is the menu I designed for Skyline Lounge at Crowne Plaza Dubai Festival City.
Mazar Coffee Discount Card
This is the discount card I created a year ago for the coffee cart of Mazar (Crowne Plaza Dubai Festival City Coffee Lounge)
Spikes Friday Buffet Flyer
Spikes at Al Badia Golf Club will be launching its Friday Buffet. I created this flyer to promote the offer.
Al Badia Members Newsletter
This is the refreshed version of the newsletter I created for Al Badia. We converted this to an online publication using Flipping Book and host in Al Badia Golf Club website ( www.albadiagolfclub.ae ) http://www.albadiagolfclub.ae/newsletter/Members Newsletter_January 2014/HTML/
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  • Your company creates very nice marketing materials.  Do you have any of the original files so that when you upload they show up as an image instead of a document?  They would showcase so well visually.

Valentines Campaign 2014
I have just created InterContinental Hotels Group Valentines Campaign. Deliverables include: Online and printed emailer Emailer and email signature banner Adverts - English and Arabic publication Online website specific webpage artworks ( www.diningdfc.com ) Blades emailer, DL flyers and menus www.diningdfc.com/valentines
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