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Hi all VOX’ers! Some of you know me for years now. WOW! “Newwrite” was the name I chose then. I was young(well, I still am), tenacious(I’ve never been more tenacious than I am today!) and- new, in screen writing, and also Studio...
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  • Hey Amanda!

    Well thanks, it's also nice to hear from you :) It's been a long time, I didn't want to give S-VOX up, but I was too busy ,you know... Thanks God, everything is much better :))

    Moreover, I've finished my first ever script! I am officially a screenwriter now :P And about to complete the second, as a sequal. :) I made some people I trust their knowledge and taste of films read it, and the outcomes were great! They all said it was fun and gripping, which is probably the best thing to hear for a screenwriter...

    And about S-VOX, I loved what you did with the site and also your interviews :) I guess I missed quite a lot of them in that period I've been away, but I'll try to read (or listen) as much as I can from now on.

    I probably share the same enthusiasm about S-VOX with you, as I am among the first members. But unfortunately, so many members do not. They simply sign in, upload some work and that's all. There are so many real artists and good talents there but they are underestimating themselves. I always tell, S-VOX is a great power and full of creative energy; you might not directly make money there, but you can gain like-minded(creative and artistic) friends and make something good with them... Maybe you are, but personally, I am not surrounded by people who gratify their hearts with art... That's why I created the group, you know, to vitalize the spirit of S-VOX; at least some of them...

    I wish you an amazing day :))



  • Hi Ial - Love your energy and your passion for writing and art.  I am thrilled to hear about your success with your screenwriting and hope I have the opportunity to read it! … Or better yet SEE it on a big screen someday!  Keep me posted! I  hope you invite people whose work you think is engaging and energy is alignment to your your group so the energy keeps growing and growing. Have a wonderful day!  Wishing you love and success - Amanda

  • Thanks Amanda! I wish all the same :) Take care :)

Today I wanted all of us to remember the great soul of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, before we will remember him at his deathday 20 days later. Here are some of his amazing quotes full of acumen about art : "A man should hear a little music,...
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  • A beautiful, inspiring post. Thanks for starting my day off well! I love the moments when the bright brain and the feeler soul create that "knowing human" and beauty, ideas, and purpose make themselves known.  Creativity at it's finest.  

  • Absolutely Amanda :) Well, I’m not surprised that you’ve perceived exactly what I mean; because you’re among the people who use their brain and soul together for the good- StudioVox proves what I say.

    I love to write, since my childhood. But I hadn’t written something except for schoolwork for ages up until I met StudioVox. Now, I can share my thoughts and feelings with hundreds of creative people from all over the world. I loved what you said : “beauty, ideas, and purpose make themselves known.” StudioVox has them all and I hope and actually am sure that your words will work for StudioVox.

    This community is like a good-natured snowball  growing to an avalanche which will fill the whole world with its white peace; the peace of creative art.

    I thank you for starting my day off well!

Hi, One of my intentions is to write a screenplay in 2013...just sending some encouragement your way as well!
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  • Thank you! I love people who cares about the others and you seem to be one of them :) I hope that both your screenplay and whatever else you do will be a howling success! :)
No year passes completely good; but I hope that whatever you live in 2013 will teach you unforgettable facts which will make you feel better: happier and stronger in the end. Never forget that you should help other people to be BOTH healthy AND wealthy...
Yes, I did it! So did millions of people all over the world… I also saw aliens, I saw wars, Medieval times, the future, the end of the world… I did not predict them, they were not dreams in my head; I did not hear them from somebody either...
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  • I am fascinated with film. When I was in college still (recent graduate), almost every time I went to Wal-Mart I had to buy one of the 5-dollar movies. Film sparks creativity. Though, it seems like most movies these days take from older movies too heavily. On the subject of movies, what are your favorite movies?

  • Well, Mark it is a great question which is enjoyable to answer :) Whenever someone asks me this question, I count the movies among that I watched at least 2 years ago. This makes me understand whether I'm REALLY fascinated by the film or not... So, here's the list : Seabiscuit, Knowing, Blood Diamond, The Forgotten, The Bucket List, Wild Hogs, Signs, Pride and Prejudice, The Rainmaker, Catch Me If You Can, Glory Road and Ever After. Oh, I should add my childhood-teenage favourites like Harry Potter1-2-3, X-Men2, Spider Man2, Narnia1 and Legally Blonde1 because I used to love them a lot and spend huge time on them (especially hp and X-Men ) :))

  • That's a pretty good list. The only one I didn't really care for was Sea Biscuit. Usually when people ask me that question, all of the movies I love the most I instantaneously forget about at the moment. :)

3G shook the world, and now I’m being shaked by “my” 3G. For me, screen writing has to work with 3G: GENEROUS, GREAT, GLITTERING; yet I’m not as fast as the Internet when it works with “its 3G”. Conversely it makes...
I feel like Mona Lisa ):)
Life is difficult, as we all know. And at some time you face with such tough conditions; live so hard times that you have to make a decision: you either become a melancholic or a comedian. Opposite opinions come out of the same events. Difference...
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  • Awesome Post! You're right there is always a "worse" out there. I'm so sorry about your mother and keep your strength up! :)

  • Thanks a lot Lee, I appreciate your consideration :)

Anonymous in newwrite
April 23: Happy Children's Day! :))
A world collapsed 3 days ago… The world of a great screenwriter since we lost her… I couldn’t help writing these lines because I am so miserable. I’m not giving her name here, some of you have already known her. But I want...
I'm studying for my lessons so don't really have time to write something down :(
Anonymous in newwrite
I'm studying for my lessons so don't really have time to write something :(
I'm writing my first screen play.
At last I BEGAN! My story is READY… My main characters began breathing… Their houses are being built… Each day new details are being shaped. The characters I’ve created are all my heroes- and I want them to be as solid as I...
If I’m asked the 7 differences between the Magic Carpet of Aladdin and the Red Carpet of the Academy Awards, I could only find three : the color, the length-width and where they are used. What else can be? They both make people fly on them :) ...
I can’t call myself a screen writer; not yet. I am a nineteen-years-old law student, that is what I really am now. There have always been school-school-school in my life and I couldn’t really had time to write something- only little stories...
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  • I think you can be great at both! It sounds like you have great vision, and I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

    I have to agree with you on Screen Writing vs. Writing a book. With a book you have words and imagination, but with Screen Writing you can see it become alive before your very eyes.

why is newwrite such a simple word?
Honestly, I didn't think much about this easy word- I'm new at screen writing and I had to have a site title, so I wrote the first thing that came to my mind. But what I will write as a screen writer won't be that simple of course :)) My greatest...
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