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  • Our Latest Celebrity Project!

    We're bringing back Hip-Hop Legend CL Smooth (formerly of Pete Rock & C.L.Smooth) Be on the Lookout for the CD!
  • "We're In the Big Leagues Baby! WATCH WENDY WILLIAMS TODAY!

    10am West Coast Time "We Make it to the Big Leagues" as Supermodel / Host / Celebrity Personality Claudia Jordan announces her New Clothing Line "C.Dot" BRANDED BY US AT GruvyGraphics.Biz! Be the First Inside! >>>> www
  • Look For our work on The All-Star Celebrity Apprentice!

    "WE'RE ON TV!" Check out our work on NBC's All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Sundays at 9/8c! http://www.nbc.com/the-apprentice/video/im-being-punked-by-a-jackson/n33899/ www.gruvygraphics.biz " Going places
  • 4 loyalty program services tailored for small businesses

    Summary: The emergence of mobile payment platforms is inspiring a flood of new applications that aspire to help small businesses ditch the paper punchcards many currently use to track purchases and reward repeat customers. Traditionally, the cost of
  • Online Presence: What Business Owners Are Saying

    New to the business of owning your own company? If so, you definitely know that it’s not a simple process that just falls into place effortlessly overnight. You have people to hire, products to order, guidelines and procedures to establish, and
  • Starting a Business? Here’s What You’ll Be Up Against (Infographic)

    No one ever said starting a business was easy, especially these days. If you’re starting a business or just starting to plan one, it can pay to know what you’re in for. Slow sales and unpredictable business conditions are two of the biggest
  • Small Business New Year Resolutions – Year End Checklist

    December 2012 is behind us, and 2013 is here. Can you believe it? No really, can you believe it? If you answered “No” to this question, it is likely that 2013 sneaked up on you and your small business, and there may be a few, or many, things
  • Points To Successful Growth

    Points To Successful Growth - Strategies For Growing Your Business In A Challenging Market. Driving Organic Growth: How to Maximize Your Company's entire Asset. Shareholders demand consistent annual growth from their investments, One-shot "deals"
  • Starting a Business 101

    Got a great idea for a brand new business? You’ve made it to the first step of starting a business! Now it’s time to be realistic about it. Everyone always thinks they’ve got a bright idea until they actually do the research and come
  • New Gruvy StudioVox Network!

    Gruvy Graphics has just come to Studiovox!!! To all of our current clients , this will be our "New" network site! Stay tuned for news and updated client gallery in the coming days! For more about us visit us at: www.gruvygraphics.biz or e
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