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  • Web Video Impact Statistics

    Some Amazing Statistics on why you need video on your website and for your business! The Following is Some amazing Statistics on Video Marketing and Why you need it. Once you realize that you do, then come see us online or call to get some Fresh, Cutting
  • Business Marketing with 5 Simple Videos

    Want To Market your Company with a Quality Simple Video? Regardless of what type of company you have, or what type of product you’re selling, there are always online videos that can be used to up your marketing and sales. “Every company
  • HBS Salon Video Production Vista California

    What a High End Salon Video Production should look like. HBS Salon in Vista California offers a top end feel and look to the whole gambit in the Salon/Stylist industry. Using only Paul Mitchell certified stylists, this video production done in North
  • Marketing Products through Online Video

    Marketing your Products through online video has never been easier with new cutting edge video production services in the San Diego and Southern California areas. Utilizing Video to market your product in 2012 is one of the top ways to unleash the
  • 2012 Statistics show Video is an Essential Element for websites

  • Pool, Landscape and Spa Video Production in San Diego California

    Pool, Landscape and Spa Video Production in San Diego California Video For: Landscape, Pool and Spa Construction Company Directed and Produced by Fourten Visuals Video Production in San Diego . Used for: Website Video, Trade Shows Video Preview, Youtube
  • Corporate Website Video Production and Photography "San Diego California"

    Corporate Website Video Production and Photography "San Diego California" I want to start by saying, "if you don't have a video and photography on your website yet, then get it". The reason I say that is because chances are
  • Wedding Videography San Diego

    *Fourten Video Production offers a wide variety of Wedding Videography and Full Wedding Video Productions.* Our wedding video packages are only a framework; they are fully customizable. All weddings are filmed with the latest HIGH DEFINITION video cameras
  • San Diego Top Quality Video Productions

    This is a SAn Diego Video Production and Motion graphic 1080p widescreen (16:9) footage to Cinemascope aspect ratio (otherwise known as Panavision or Anamorphic Scope - 2.35:1 ratio). In this example, I used 100 pixels on the top and bottom. TRUE 2.35
  • Using Motion Graphics to enhance Video Production

    Using Motion Graphics to enhance Video Production The team at Fourten Visuals can integrate video, audio, text and animated graphics to create a truly engaging user experience. Our graphics designers are skilled at designing visually stimulating Flash
  • Computer generated motion graphics

    Computer generated motion graphics The term motion graphics originated with video editing in computing, perhaps to keep pace with newer technology. Before computers were widely available, motion graphics were costly and time-consuming, limiting their
  • Fourten Graphic Advertisement

    Video is a must have for every company or business these days and it can get frustrating when you have to go to a bunch of different vendors to get visual enhancements for your business. Why not make it easier on companies like us to succeed? All of our
  • Corporate Video Marketing Statistics for Youtube

    Below are some "GREAT REASONS TO USE VIDEO!" The following statistics have been gathered from some of the most reputable and trusted marketing sources around the globe and should help demonstrate the marketing potential of video content. You
  • Video Marketing Through Vimeo in San Diego

    The Following are Vimeo Statistics used for marketing Video in San Diego. Vimeo Statistics Vimeo is most likely to be found in use on Business, Entertainment or Travel type websites . At least 72,133 sites use Vimeo, 5,484 websites within the most
  • General Corporate Video & 3D Animation Statistics

    General Corporate Video & 3D Animation Statistics By 2013 Video will account for 90 Percent of web traffic. (Cisco) Videos are 53 times more likely than traditional web pages to receive an organic first-page ranking. (Forrester Research) Video is
  • Kickstarter.com Video Game Launch 2012

    Battle for the life of your colony as you try to survive epic space battle attacks in our action packed game Orbital Blaster Visit our Kickstarter Website to Pledge: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/667933845/orbital-blaster-a-mobile-3d-shooter-in
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