<img src='https://d5nxst8fruw4z.cloudfront.net/atrk.gif?account=lmQag1a0Or00wc' style='display:none' height='1' width='1' alt='' /> Derek Malicki Photography - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
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My new home, Ottawa.
After 22 years, I have finally found the support and courage to move from my hometown of Thunder Bay, to Ottawa, Ontario { Thunder Bay is a rather remote town, situated on the northwest edge of Lake Superior.} . It has been a huge undertaking, leaving...
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  • Congratulations on finding the courage to begin an amazing journey!  I look forward to reading about it as it unfolds.  I'm sure it will make a great story.  All my best!

This was the first test of my DIY beauty dish- made with not much more than a pizza tray and a large metal bowl. You can see it here on flickr
Self Portrait
Time Traveller
Little Falls, Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park
Northern Winter
One of my older works from around 2009.
Smoking Kills.
Those cool summer nights were spent watching the fiery skies
This image was taken near the auxiliary power generating station on Mission Island, near Thunder Bay Ontario. The night was quite whimsical, with many strange, yet beautiful pastel-like colors saturating the night sky. Initially, I had driven by without my camera, which I had just left at the studio. I was curious of the sights to be found on such an odd night and I was contemplating heading back to grab my camera, then I saw this. it looked much like this shot, however the fog was initially much...
Beside Myself
In my travels, I have been witness to many things. I have seen the black and I have seen the white, The good and the evil, The right and the wrong. But there’s a secret place, Far away from the troubles, the noise, yet so close. A place so naturally real, yet always so unfamiliar; A home that welcomes the soul and warms the heart. This is my art.
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