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  • Want a Job in TV, Music or an Agency? Here's the Hookup!

    I often hear of fantastic opportunities in the entertainment industry. Although most of them are located here in Los Angeles, every so often some great job opportunities will come my way that are based in New York or other parts of the world. So each
  • Deal Makers...Heart Breakers

    Sometimes deal making can be heart breaking. Particularly when negotiations stall because something unforeseen and unacceptable is thrown onto the table that results in the most hated term in business: a deal-breaker. But, what exactly is a deal breaker
  • When Artists Whine...

    Recently, I have had the rather unfortunate experience of being in the presence of whining artists. I don't know if it's the recent Honey Moon of June or if the wrong kind of whine juice is getting slipped into their goblets, but the practice
  • Artist Mike Kelley's Retrospective at MOCA

    Artist Mike Kelley (1954-2012) never failed to enchant the art world with his unique and humorous approach and definition of art in popular culture. He helped us see deeper meaning in everyday objects and scenarios and presented seemingly mundane materials
  • DVF: Journey of a Dress Exhibit

    For Valentine’s Day I wanted to take a journey and be surrounded by beautiful things and in Los Angeles that’s not hard to do. As a proper fan of all things design, my hubby knows the way to my heart is to surround me with art that can awe
  • Inspirational Collectives...Get On That!

    Recently I have been invited to participate in some interesting inspirational collective think-tank groups. It's probably because it's the start of a new year and everyone has an extraordinary amount of ambition and goals they want to accomplish
  • Out-Sting Them and Think Like a Lawyer!

    Recently I was reminded of music industry folklore that tells the fascinating yet warning tale of celebration, creation and greed. This story involves Sting, Puff Daddy (now known as P Diddy or in some circles Sean Combs, I think), The Police and a song
  • Happy New Year StudioVox Community! What's on Your Vision Board?

    Happy New Year fellow StudioVoxers! My wish for 2014 is that each of us discovers new talents, passions and hopes within ourselves that enable us to live out our dreams. I know this won't happen without great effort and one of my favorite things

    It's Soldier Ink Design Day on StudioVox! See his outstanding #art & #design on his Website http://ow.ly/pt2fx and his StudioVox Profile http://ow.ly/pt2nF
  • Today is Fortress of Solitude Day on StudioVox!

    It's Fortress of Solitude Day on StudioVox! Be sure to check his stunning work on StudioVox http://ow.ly/olFAm ,
  • Update

    Happy Fourth of July everyone!
  • I Had a Dream Come True This Week...

    Ever since I received my first Led Zeppelin album on my 11th birthday I have dreamed of seeing Robert Plant live in the flesh. Plastering my room with larger than life posters of him in full 1970's regalia - long curly locks flowing, a midriff shirt
  • How do you temper a client?

    Is the client ALWAYS right? Can they SOMETIMES be wrong? Lately it seems that I have become the official whipping post for clients. If I happen to schedule a meeting with them on a day when 1. their totally neglected and undisciplined daughter was
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