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Umbrain Lady, by David Evans
Sepia pencil with raw umber and Naples yellow washes
Sherwood Forest, to the sound of a Cuckoo
Forest Edge
Sherwood Forest Subrise
Book of Kells Eagle
Naked Aphrodite, by David Evans, original photography by ciaranwhyte
Ive always wanted to do a "birth of Venus" picture, whilst I dont like to work from other peoples photos, Ciaran Whyte http://www.thewonderoflight.com/ did such a beautiful photo of the model "Ivory Flame" I had to give it a go.
Golden Major Oak, Spirit of the Forest
Sanguine Boat in tri-colour, by David Evans
Through the Eye of the Storm, tattoo design by David Evans 2012
Tigerna Wave, tattoo design by David Evans 2013
Tree in Fields of Gold, Spirit of the Forest, by David Evans
Tree of Life, Spirit of the Forest by David Evans 2012
The Green Seer
Supposed to be a green man, apart from it not being green or a man.
Aquerelle by David Evans, 2012
Ivory Flame "Spirit of the Forest" by David Evans
Beech Wood "Spirit of the Forest", by David Evans
Abstraction Deviation, by David Evans 2013
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  • This is gorgeous David! What was the inspiration for it?

  • Thank you Lee, it started off as tree clinging to a cliff top, I replaced the cliff top with a circle, repeated the circle a couple of times and then constructed the picture (hokusaieque). I've done the combination of golden browns, gold pigments and ultramarine before.  

  • It turned out beautifully

Its time to post another picture, this one is loosely based on an illumination from the book of Kells  
There was a scam a couple of years ago where a new customer contacted me asking to buy an original saying they will pay by cheque 'someone will come to collect the painting once the cheque has  cleared.  The scam is, they send more money than the paintings are worth asking to have the amount over paid  sent back to them, the cheques are fake so you lose the money. I think they're back, so look out for :- Roberts Cynthia: robert_c734@hotmail.com. If it isnt a scam SORRY.
Aquerelle:  I used an illumination from the the book of Kells has a background and then had a play.  Watercolour, aquerelle pencil and ink
And the same tree again (Tree of Life) could be its a special tree or im just lazy cos its a few feet away from my studio.
Its the same tree Decoed up (Flaming Tree
Thought it would be nice to post some more trees, This one is called "OxidE Tree: and its in Sherwood Forest.
ForestEdge White Iris: Coloured pencil
ForestEdge Indigo Reflections: Indigo and red oxide ink
Abstraction Deviation: Watercolour, Aquerelle pencil and ink  
Through The Eye Of The Storm: Watercolour, aquerelle pencil and ink
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