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  • Veils

    Bestowed upon the children the new oracle, great teacher, the new Pandora's box. The voices rang forth through nightmare halls of childhood. Take whatever interests you, study what you will, access granted. Through them knowledge was spilled
  • Just each others arms

    I know that you worked hard today, I tried to show I understand; That all your work's to help us and I'll do what I can, That I do appreciate you and though I try to show you so, That in the end we'll get through better than
  • I am the madness

    Once there was a spark of innocence, Trees were made a fortress, rainbows dreams, and heart was filled. Then you killed the rainbow, made it dew refracted light. You killed the child by that night. Thought you were helping but had no right
  • Have you been served?

    The is a hole inside myself in one of my expansive walls. Where I see green hill of Earth and watch your feelings creep and crawl. I watch as love gets ripped away like tissue thrown out yesterday. I drink your sweet pained life right up inside
  • Do you see me?

    I have wept, though not as you have wept. No fears fell for lost ambition. Not a drop for love unanswered. There were no sobs for dreams decayed. I wept for each unnoticed child. Tears did fall for hidden pain. Drops enough to
  • Examples of the poetry and writing of Davey Bates

    The first blogs here will be writing and poetry samples.
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