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  • Performing for Small Audiences

    In the career of any musician, actor, or performance artist, you are going to often find yourself performing for small crowds in intimate venues. It's a far cry from the childhood dreams of playing the Met or Wrigley Stadium, and likewise, it's
  • A Performance of Sorts

    ..Last night I had a rather neat opportunity. For the past month or so, I've been going to McGinnis occasionally on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Well, I've been going on other days, too, when it's convenient. But on those particular evenings
  • Songwriting Competition

    The open stage I play on Monday nights at Tip Top Tavern had a songwriting competition. Last week the host came up with a phrase ("the crossroads of nowhere" or "the crossroads to nowhere", not really sure if it's of or to ) and
  • My philosophy on Sound Design

    I've always thought that Sound Design is an under-appreciated art. In almost any movie, the cinematographer, director, composer, writer, & actors are all credited heavily. And the sound designer(s) are part of the scrolling credits in the back
  • Blog Entry - Emmy Predictions

    I have a good feeling about this year's Emmy's. I'm thinking Homeland will do particularly well despite many people not watching it. It will definitely knock Mad Men off it's streak. That much is certain. It'd be awesome, too if Louis
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