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  • Why Your Business' Social Media Strategy isn't Working

    Social media can be a very cost effective way of driving traffic to your website. It can act as a powerful conduit, generating leads and driving-up conversion rates. But only when it’s used properly. Here's what's going wrong: http://goo
  • The Most Effective Twitter CTA

    Getting a foothold in social media is crucial these days. Here are the most effective Twitter CTA or Calls to Action your business ought to use: http://wp.me/p2EeJa-26U
  • Instagram Video Rumored

    Instagram video is the latest rumored swirling around the social media world. Facebook has seemed to play catch-up lately, this would add cred... continue reading
  • Online Anonymity and Organic Ranking

    The internet is changing and rapidly. Online anonymity is systematically being eliminated by Google and Bing, and the word is out. “Reputation will matter more and more as we move forward. Over time, [Google] will be caring more about... https:
  • Google Takes the Work Out of Search

    Are you ready for this? Google, the search engine, is now taking the manual labor out of search. Through its app, named Google Now, a user's mobile device will automatically... continue reading
  • YouTube Pay-for-Play Coming

    YouTube, with over a billion monthly visits, has plans to make a small percentage of its channels pay-for-play . If it works, others could follow.
  • Matt Cutts Reveals 5 Biggest SEO Mistakes

    There are 5 common SEO mistakes, ranked by volume, according to Matt Cutts , the Chief Webspam Engineer at Google.
  • Link Building through Content Marketing

    Link building goes hand-in-hand with content marketing as a search engine optimization strategy. But since the introduction of Google Authorship and Author Rank, marketing content is changing. Now, the time honored method of link building strategies is
  • Latest Google Penguin Update Set for Release

    Mountain View, California --Another major release of Google's Penguin algorithm is about to hit in what Matt Cutts describes as a "next generation" update. And this time, it is, according to the search engine's Chief Webspam Engineer
  • Private Browsing Not So Private

    The Internet --Going incognito, turning on private browsing, or denying location access might not be as anonymous as you think. The search engines have become increasingly intelligent in several areas, making it quite difficult to browse without leaving
  • Bing Debuts Reverse Search Bar

    Redmond, Washington --The Microsoft corporation surprised many industry experts today with its unveiling of a new search tool called "reverse search". The portal allows users to input up to twenty URLs and returns the most common query associated
  • Yahoo Makes Teen a Millionaire

    Sunnyvale, California --In as many weeks, Yahoo! has acquired two digital entities. First, it was the social recommendation site Jybe, which has been purchased for an undisclosed amount. Now, it's a mobile news site, and it's making one British
  • Pinterest Adds Three New Features

    San Francisco, California --Pinboard style social media site, Pinterest has introduced three new user features. While the Facebook timeline overhaul has dominated the latest news, since January of this year, the photo sharing platform has been working
  • Popular Video-Sharing Site Safe for Now

    San Bruno, California --The internet's most popular video-sharing site is safe for now. By significantly increasing its user-base, its parent company won't pull the plug just yet, as it is doing with other free services it owns. Yesterday,
  • FCC to Probe Free Google Product

    Washington, DC --If a few lawmakers in the United States House of Representatives get their way, one particular Google product will be investigated by the Federal Communications Commission. A very popular and free service the world's largest search
  • Google Headed into Heated Battle

    Mountain View, California --As the South by Southwest or SXSW unfolds in Austin, Texas, some big news is breaking. Big G's innovative glasses are falling short of expectations and smaller start-ups are making a splash. But one thing that's sure
  • Likes Spill Secrets About You

    Cambridge, United Kingdom --Liking something on Facebook is tantamount to giving-up some very personal information about one's self. New scientific evidence finds that when a person clicks the "Like" button on the most popular social network
  • Google Aims to Eliminate Typing to Search

    Mountain View, California --The world's largest search engine, which performs about 67 percent of daily queries from hundreds of millions of users, is looking again toward the future. Technologically advanced glasses and driverless cars aren't
  • Blogging Jobs: How to Find Them and Get Paid

    Blogging jobs aren't as hard to find as one might think. But landing a gig which allows you to get paid for writing can be a challenge. You've probably read the phrase, "don't give up your day job" when looking for writing jobs online
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