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Starlight Star Bright
Mixed Media on artboard. 55.9 cm x 71.1 cm. I was honored to have this painting make it into the 2nd round of the 2012 Saatchi Gallery Abstract Showdown before being facing elimination.... Do you remember when you were a child and the skies were pure black because they were uncluttered with artificial lights. The stars and the moon were the only things that you could see, and if you were lucky you might see the Milky Way. It looked like it went on forever... This fanciful painting of acrylic and...
Dancing in the Storm Clouds
Mixed media on canvas. 91.4cm x 61cm. As the thunderclouds gathered on the horizon, a low rumble of thunder began to resound through the valley. The lightening danced from cloud to cloud, emitting light that created a rainbow of color. With each flash it's path seemed to be broken by violent cracks of thunder. It was as if magic had taken control of the storm like a musical director. The patterns of light & color were firmly etched upon my mind as I watched this storm charge across the valley...
Sunrise, Ogunquit, Maine
Collage on matteboard. 76.2 cm x 50.8 cm. A study in concentration, patience & a love for the New England coastline. This collage, made from thousands of pieces cut from colorful magazine pages,was based on a series of photographs taken of a sunrise at Ogunquit. Each piece had to meet correct color & shape criteria in order to duplicate the images that I had captured on film. When asked if I would attempt something like this again, my reply was " I'm not sure that nature would really want...
Mixed media on artboard. 55.9 cm x 71.1 cm. Purely whimsical in design and nature, this bimorphic shape of primary colors gentle oozes across the black background. It's brilliant cheerful coloration and the added matching button decorations gives this abstract piece a very fun, cheerful feeling.
War is Hell
Acrylic on canvas board. 91.4 cm x 61 cm. When watching the evening news, a piece about delivering the news of a soldiers death to the family brought deep emotions. The death of innocent people in an Iraqi marketplace from a bomb brought the reality of the situation to heart...then, Afghanistan and Iraq, bombs bursting in Russian subways, in Northern Ireland, and Pakistan, Death all over the Mid-east as they battle for FREEDOM….WAR IS HELL! The acrylic drips of fiery color became the phosphorescent...
A Study in Black, White and Cerise
Mixed media on canvas board. 61 cm x 91.4 cm. A biomorphic blending of black and white acrylic paint creates a fun pattern in which to embed a collection of blingy monochromatic buttons. Pleasing to the eye, despite its playful nature, the contrast of black and white has a touch of class. The one cerise button creates a momentary question of balance in the design...
A Delicate Balance
Mixed media on canvas. 91.4cm x 91.4cm . What began as graphics inspired painting with objects tensely placed quickly changed to collage a la news of tense subject matter. Both provoked a question of balance in the world and in our lives. While they will age with time, they are timeless and will still evoke the same questions of balance years from now. The painting becomes a vessel in which these timeless pieces were haphazrdly placed, leaving smudges of medium, ripped paper & faded news.
Rape of America
Mixed media on canvas. 76.2cm x 101.6cm. Juried acceptance into the 2009 Bold and Rude Women Show. Started as the recession hit and the jobs disappeared, and as the homeless and unemployed numbers grew and we were thrust into economic and political uncertainty. Throughout the devastation, there was hope...a light in the distance...The Old Girl (USA) has strength and is willing to show that she is still alive! The blend of oil paint and cold wax applied with palette knives, creates a thick textural...
Sgt. Pepper's Groupie: The Button Man
Mixed media on canvas. 91.4cm x 61cm. Whimsically decorated in colorful buttons this portrait is a play on the "pearlies of London" a fraternal organization which had roots at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries in England. They generally were working men and women who "resented the life of the Royals" and decided to create a royal class of their own. They decorated old Tuxedos and Ballgowns and even their hats with white pearl buttons in ornate designs. The elected a King and a Queen of the Pearlies...
Our Children Hold The Future in Their Hands
Mixed media on canvas. 45.7 cm x 50.8 cm. Fifty percent (50%) of the sale of the original painting will be donated to ONE Spirit, Inc. to be used for projects benefiting the children of the Pine Ridge reservation. So if you know any one with deep pockets that would like to help the Lakota children.... The digital version of this image was recently chosen to be used as the Symbol of Hope for the Children of the Pine Ridge Reservation. It will be emblazoned on the front shirts of the participants in...
The New Age Packaging of the Native American Spirit
Assemblage on canvas. 91.4cm x 91.4cm. This evolved from my interpretation of Philip Jenkins book Dreamcatchers. He wrote about how the Europeans attempted to destroy the Indian believes, their culture, their religion and their language and then have worked fervently to imitate that which they attempted to destroy.... But in their own image... To those familiar with Art History the story unravels itself in bits and pieces and mocks not our Native brothers and sisters, but the settlers who tried to...
Madonna of the Setting Sun
Acrylic on canvas. 91.4cm x 61cm. A loose interpretation of a Indio-Spanish mother and child. Styled after the Casta paintings of Mexico. The mother's dress, the papoose board and wrapping are styled after 1895 Comanche garb. The dress is a three-hide dress with a beaded yoke and collar. It also has fringe and beads on the hem, sides of the dress and the sleeves. The decorative heart and dove was added to tie in the Christian influence. The Papoose board contains a cross decoration (original...
Gathering of Spirits
Acrylic on canvas. 91.4cm x 61cm. A montage of Native American spirit masks from many tribes throughout North America. While the colors are bright and contemporary in appearance they are the traditional colors used in painting by the various tribal artists. The mask colors are not depicted accurately, because I chose to contemporize them for the sake of this montage. It was important to me, that each mask stand apart from the others, illustrating its uniqueness, its power and its strength.
Mixed media on canvas. 35.6 cm x 45.7 cm. These miltoniopsis orchid can brighten any small space. The rich velevetty red petals are elegantly contrasted by the thick creamy stems and the lush yellow green leaves. Small enough to fit in a small space, bright enough bring joy to entire room on the greyiest of rainy days. The use of oils blended with cold wax creates an amazing texture...from the pebbly background to the ruffly edge of the orchid, this is all about texture.
Henning's Sunflowers
Mixed media on canvas. 91.4cm x 91.4cm. Sunflowers blooming outside of the kitchen window of the rustic country home of my son and family. The sunflowers were planted by my then three year old grandson Henning, who took great pride in relating each and every step of the process to me. The rusticity made ever so more evident by the careful blending of cold wax with my oils, giving the painting a rough hewn appearance.
La Musa
Acrylic on canvas. 61cm x 61cm. Contemporary dogwood and bamboo image. The deep orange blossom is highlighted by use of the vibrant bright blue background companion color. The bamboo in a deep purple resonants by the use of same in the accent and shading in the orange blossom. The use of pongee in the acrylic paint gives a texture synonymous to the texture noted in my Post-Impressionist oil paintings.
Las Jardineras delas Flores
Mixed media on canvas. 91.4 cm x 76.2 cm. The stained colorblock background provides a nice earthy backdrop for the rusticity of the urns and stylized flowers. Arts and Crafts vintage colors take us back to the soul of nature with the handmade pottery, natural ornamentation, and colors of the earth and sky. The use of blended oil paint with cold wax, in both the flowers and in the urns, provides the viewer with a very sensual, textural experience.
A Pitcher of Poppies
Mixed media on canvas. 50.8 cm x 45.7 cm. This painting is colorful, cheerful and visually active. The eye will dance between each element with in this still life, from the variations of color in each poppy and the pitcher to the swirls of color which comprise the background. The wonderful texture of the paint blended with cold wax and applied with a palette knife gives another whole dimension to the image.
The Moon is the View
Acrylic on Canvas. 101.6 cm x 76.2 cm. The old window with the layers of paint create an irregular pattern as the moon shines through each pane of glass. A unique view...some real from my world...some from the world of fantasy...all say that that feminine sign is well and bright! A feast for the eyes.
Sedona Sunset
Mixed media on canvas.45.7 cm x 61 cm. A view of a watermelon and purple colored sunset across the Sedona valley. The color reflects off from the Red Rocks. The street lights twinkle like starlight. The sky dances with colors typical of the Southwestern sunsets. The use of cold wax blended with oils gives the painting a two-dimensional appearance which begs to be touched and speaks to our most basic senses to touch and to feel.
Pine Tree Arch
Mixed media on canvas. 45.7 cm x 35.6 cm. This arch, outlined with the gnarly trunk of a pine tree, frames the distant mountains and arches of Arches National Park, Utah. The texture of the pinion pine, the sandstone of the red rocks and each endearing elements of this painting are forever etched in our minds with the simply expressionist techniques and the use of oils mixed with cold wax, which give us a wonderfully visceral surface that begs to be touched. The pure colors pleases the senses and...
Mt. Rainier
Mixed media on canvas. 61 cm x 91.4 cm. Private collection. The jagged peaks of the Grand Teton Mountains create a backdrop for new spring color along the shoreline. The dense line of blue spruce stand guard between the lowlands and the mountains giving the picture a cool springy appearance. The texture left by the cold wax and oils give the mountains, trees and foreground greenery a more lifelike appearance.
Springtime in the Sawtooth Mountains (Grand Tetons)
Mixed media on canvas. 61 cm x 91.4 cm. Private collection. The jagged peaks of the Grand Teton Mountains create a backdrop for new spring color along the shoreline. The dense line of blue spruce stand guard between the lowlands and the mountains giving the picture a cool springy appearance. The texture left by the cold wax and oils give the mountains, trees and foreground greenery a more lifelike appearance.
The Grotto, Zion Canyon
Mixed media on canvas. 91.4cm x 61cm. This peaceful little grotto is secretly hidden away in Zion Canyon camoflaged by a couple of loud boisterous aspen trees. The steep canyon walls create a rocky protection from intrusion and only the sun knows for sure of its existence as it peers down from above. The blending of cold wax and oils had give the canyon walls magnificent color. Built up in carefully blended layers and washes one almost feels as if you were going to touch rock walls.
A Window with a View
Mixed media on canvas. 61cm x 61cm. The Northern Arch, Arches National Park, perfectly frames the Tower Arch across the desert. The rich textural surface created by the careful layering of colors blended with cold wax, results in a painting one wants to touch! Ideally it lends another dimension to the work with each bump and crevasse.
Gate of the Gods
Mixed media on Canvas. 45.7 cm x 61 cm. A contemporary view of the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. A myriad of oil colors and cold wax applied with a palette knife brings the arch and the sky alive with vivid reality and draws the eye across the miles to the snow capped mountains beyond. A study in diversity in climate and topography as only seen in the west. The use of cold wax blended with the oils gives the redrocks and other elements a wonderful two dimensional texture.
Dancing in the Light of Sister Moon
Mixed media on canvas. 61cm x 61cm. Private collection. The Triple Arch at Arches National Park provides the landscape for a dance by the light of Sister Moon. (American Indian reference.) The arches and the center boulder are strong and bold, and by all rights, very masculine in their musculature, but oddly seem very feminine, bathed in the softness of the strength of the moon’s feminine light. The painting is very textural. The rocks were built up through series of layers of color and cold...
A Lazy Summer Afternoon
Mixed media on canvas. 45.7 cm x 61 cm. The red rocks of Sedona, Arizona lure you into the landscape, makes you want to dip your toes in the water and to feel the sun upon your face. A moment of sheer pleasure... The blending of cold wax with the vibrant oils gives a wonderful texture to the landscape…one which cries to be touched
In the Lee of the Moon
Mixed media on canvas. 61cm x 91.4cm. This is a freeing experience for anyone who lives a busy life. My many road trips to the beach on summer night's when I lived in New England, watching the moon rise over the watery horizon, as it cast a mystical glow upon the water and the beachhead. All these memories bring back the sense of the sea air, the sound of the waves breaking on the shore and the wish that one could stay there forever. The blending of oil colors with cold wax give this painting a rich...
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