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  • What are the Best Ways to Create Happiness in your Life?

    Happiness is that elusive state of mind that we all seek throughout our lives. Some believe that it will be achieved through monetary acquisitions, whilst others believe the answer lies with deeper spirituality. However, given people are so diverse it
  • How important is Emotional Intelligence?

    It is now becoming more important to be in touch with your emotions and those of others given the times in which we live. Emotional intelligence is the skill that will help you to manage stress, and fare better in situations of conflict and difficulty
  • My video featuring an interpretation of my poem "Paradise"

    For more poetry, please feel free to visit my website: www.inspiredbyelle.com
  • Time for New Beginnings..

    Hi Everyone! Life is about growth and learning, and I have been busy subscribing to this concept BIG TIME lately. I realised that although beautiful, my website was in need of a "facelift", not just to make it more modern-looking but it
  • Do "you" care?

    I am often told that I am unique and very different to most people because I care. I find this strange as without care in the world what are we. However, I find the need to care on so many levels that at times, well I have to admit it is very hard
  • The Human Model - Is it time for repair?

    Most of us maintain very busy lives, in fact we are only as busy as we allow ourselves to be. I often joke that when people claim to be so busy that they cannot fit you in until some time in the distant future, as to whether they would make time for
  • The Formula for Creativity

    This is Ruth Noller's formula for Creativity, where: C = Creativity f = function (or times) a = the need for a positive attitude K = Knowledge I = Imagination E = Evaluation I personally feel there is great merit in this formula
  • Do you agree with this comment?

  • POEM - "I wanna be like you!"

    I look in the mirror, and this is what I see, the Twenty-First century is staring back at me. There are so many dictats about my looks, that I know for sure these people are crooks. It used to be that concern was raised over anorexia, but I’m
  • What is the true worth of money?

    This may seem a simple question at first glance, however the article that I have just written will show that many of us do not actually stop to consider this question carefully. Please click on the cartoon image below, if you would like to read the

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