<img src='https://d5nxst8fruw4z.cloudfront.net/atrk.gif?account=lmQag1a0Or00wc' style='display:none' height='1' width='1' alt='' /> Art By Courtney Paige
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strange things...
daily snacktime
interpretive acrylic on canva paper, produced in the summer of 2015, For Paris.
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  • This piece was on display at a local coffee shop in my hometown, until early January when it came down for reframing and to be taken to market.

The evolution of artworks by Courtney Paige has been a process of discovery  on display in her "Genesis" and "Exodus" editions which unveiled her artistic intuition and began to harness a visionary pursuit in her artworks... The next edition to come through production will be her  "Wandering" edition featuring pieces for "Algorithms of Emotion" , "Through the Broken Glass" , "Jungle of Dreams" and most prominent "Balloons in the City" Each piece carries a deeper interpretive meaning. Anticipated Aug 2016.
lonely apple.jpg
created for my initial project "The Tree of Life" a collage of paintings representing different parts of a tree, and representing fruits of the Spirit. This lonely little chalk pastel sits in the abyss..
watercolor, apple tree, with a basket of apples, and a road leading into town.. This painting was based on a vision of success and acceptance painted 2 years before I started my career as an artist, and left unfinished..
This oil on canvas was an imitation painting done after Picasso's "maternity" recreated at the brush strokes of Courtney Paige in 2015
acrylic on wood, wildlife patterns disarranged to the rhythm of broken glass
is he taking the coconuts out of the tree or putting them in it, paper and fabric collage produced in 2014.
At the fabrication of the earth, what came first. the thought? was it a song? was it love? the seed of life? Collage produced in 2014
hidden in the rhythm of life, the things we see with our heart and not with our eyes, and express with our minds.. the bird and the squirrel in the cottonwood tree.
what emotions do the colors speak of? the rhythm of reality.. listen to your heart...
first oil painting , baby owls in tree
baby cheetah
hills and valleys in a vast desert
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