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  • MARKETING FOR CREATIVES - A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

    Guest Post by Mixed Media Artist & Art Marketing Insider Shannon Fannin Austin, TX, United States Twenty years before I became an artist, I had a career in marketing. Through a series of lucky events, I got a job working for a large property management
  • The Natural Eye of Photographer Phillip Haumesser

    Phillip Haumesser is an award-winning natural light photographer. His passion is capturing the magic and curiosity of his children in their everyday lives. In doing so He has acquired a great deal of knowledge in composition, natural lighting, and editing
  • Hilarious "Oh No" Comics That Perfectly Sum Up Life

    London artist Alex Norris has created an internet phenomenon called the Blob . The Blob is a webcomic that portrays the little mishaps that occur in the day to day, in which it reacts with two simple, yet heavily ladened words – oh no . Sources: Alex
  • Stunning Landscapes by Daniel Vorkauf

    It takes a talented and knowledgeable photographer to capture nature in all its stunning glory. Daniel Vorkauf has done that and more. A brilliant landscape photographer who captures awe-inspiring vistas, each of Daniel's images tells a beautiful
  • Beautiful Merging of Present and Past by Artist Martin Johan Härd

    Swedish artist Martin Johan Härd describes his work as representative of the present and the past; containing stories within the story - the complexity of a present in life. "These different events often lead to spinning away in my mind and I start
  • Hilarious Harry Potter as Comics

    German artist floccinaucinihilipilificationa (not a typo:) has taken a humorous approach portraying the Harry Potter series with her comic strip featuring our favorite Potter characters in unexpected situations; Snape, Ron, Draco, Hermione, Dumbledore
  • Illustrations that Bloom with Color by Artist Amelia Victoria

    Artist Amelia Victoria is an Italian pattern and illustration designer. Vintage porcelains, ceramic colors, food, travel, and nature inspires her work. Her vibrant designs are perfect for textiles, tableware, cards, wallpapers and all types of printable
  • Awesome Dad Turns His Sons' Drawings Into Reality

    This is what a child's imagination looks like when a professional artist adds a little love and brings it to life - creating an amazing artistic team. Tom Curtis is the dad, Dom and Al are the sons - Together, they create inspired works of art. It
  • If Your Boss Was A Cat

    “ The Adventures Of Business Cat ,” is a webcomic that illustrates how a cat CEO handles day-to-day affairs at his company. According to his creators, artist Tom Fonder and writer Rachael Robins - " Business cat is a shrewd businessman and hard-hitting
  • Little Kids and Their Big Dogs by Andy Seliverstoff

    Cute kids and big dogs are coming your way! You loved our post featuring Andy Seliverstoff' s Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Leonbergers, Newfoundlands, and Irish Wolfhounds so much we thought we show you some more! Andy Seliverstoff has created a heartwarming
  • Brilliantly Sketched Coffee Cups by Miguel Cardona

    A cup of coffee has never looked so good! Miguel Angel Cardona, Jr. a designer, illustrator, photographer, and front end tinkerer/developer has created an awesome series drawn on coffee cups depicting our favorite icons; Iron Man, Doctor Who, Grumpy Cat
  • Executive Chef / Food Stylist - TV

    I am interested Industry Cooperation Executive Chef - Food Stylist - TV / and Actor or commercials, Films, Photo session etc. The possibility of permanent cooperation. My work before at the same time with Production Houses / Film School in Lodz or Film
  • Inspiring Quotes By Fictional Characters

    Life is not a spectator sport. Win, lose or draw, the game is in progress, whether we want it to be, or not. So, go ahead, argue with the refs, change the rules… cheat a little, take a break… and tend to your wounds. But play. Play. Play hard. Play fast
  • Incredible Desserts Inspired by Architecture

    Pastry Chef, Dinara Kasko creates amazing works of architectural dessert! A graduate of University of Architecture and Design, she worked as an architect-designer and a 3D visualizer, but found her true calling to be found in Patisserie. With her background
  • Artist Spotlight: Shannon Fannin

    Each week, StudioVox selects an artist, photographer, or designer from our community whose work inspires us creatively. Whether for its beauty, humor, detail, or the story behind the work StudioVox features artists we love that we think you'll enjoy
  • The Big Bang Theory: Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know

    Raj’s inability to talk to women except when drunk is based on an old co-worker of executive producer Bill Prady when he worked at a computer company. Actress Mayim Bialik who plays Amy Farrah Fowler has an actual neuroscience PhD in real life. Jim Parsons
  • Illustrations of Adorable Cheeky Foxes

    German artist Skia has created a heartwarming and adorable series of drawings featuring foxes. The illustrations portray foxes in their varied forms, playful, mischievous, cuddly, adorable, and more.
  • Incredible Portraits Made with Fire by Steven Spazuk

    Artist Steven Spazuk creates amazing works of art with fire. He uses the flame of a torch or candle as a pencil to draw portraits. He then uses various tools to sculpt the soot left behind. Check out his amazing process!
  • Art Class: Expectations VS Reality

    Romanian artist Cassandra Calin has created a humorous illustrative series portraying the expectations and realities of taking a drawing class. You'll see the expectation of starting the class out in a exciting way, when in reality, you'll be
  • Profound and Inspiring Quotes from Harry Potter

    “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.” - Albus Dumbledore "If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look how he treats his inferiors, not
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