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  • How's Your Map?

    Yep... it's the New Year. Oh... the pressure! At the start of every new year I always feel this incredible need to start fresh; be better, more productive, more inventive, break bad habits, be a better person, call my mom more often, have more dinner...
  • A Sundance Celebration

    Like all new things, StudioVox started out as a few good ideas - We wanted to energize the interaction between people working in different creative fields, to help creative people find new opportunities and give them easy ways to promote their work. Sounded...
  • Why you shouldn't wait for a complete vision before you move forward

    Whenever I talk to creative people — whether it’s here on the site, in Los Angeles where I live or any place in the world — I’m always asked how I found the “guts” to start StudioVox. It’s kind of hard to answer...
  • Great LA Event with a Great Purpose!

    For those of you out here in Los Angeles who have been melting in the 100 degree crazy hot weather we’re having this week…How does hanging poolside at the Standard Hotel…sipping on a cool beverage,…listening to the hottest DJ’s...
  • Yotam Solomon - Great Design with Environmental Conscience

    StudioVox - GET FAMOUS FRIDAY GUEST: Yotam Solomon For all of you creative emissaries who are passionate about fashion and the environment you will love my LA Talk Radio interview with designer, Yotam Soloman. Yotam is most known for his avant garde
  • StudioVox: What's in a name?

    I went to meeting this week where someone asked me what “StudioVox” means and why we chose it? It’s not the first time I’ve been asked that, but it surprises me every time. Isn’t it obvious? Sure, we could have chosen StudioArmadillo
  • Making It Big as a Song Writer- An Interview with Music Industry Veterans Shelly Peiken and Charlton Pettus

    Interview - AMANDA: So maybe your dream is a music career, composing music, writing lyrics, producing music, developing songs, putting creative teams together to get that perfect sound or that perfect hit record, and you wonder if that’s possible
  • It's time for Art Basel Miami - Are you going?

    � The art world prepares again for the grand spectacle of Art Basel Miami Beach, December 5-8. Recognized as the pinnacle social event of the art world, leading international galleries show work from masters of modern and contemporary art as well
  • A True Artist Haven - Inglewood

    Last week I had the pleasure of attending Inglewood Open Studios tour in Inglewood, CA. For those of you not familiar with Los Angeles, Inglewood has not been traditionally associated with incredible art. In fact, Inglewood is mostly a gritty, urban
  • James Georgopoulos - Guns & Goddesses

    Hi Everyone! I had a great time interviewing the internationally renown LA-based visual artist James Georgopoulos best known for his Guns of Cinema series which put him on the map of highly serious art collectors. He has amassed and photographed
  • Academy Award Nominated Producer/Writer/Director………. Pen Densham

    Hi Everyone, I had the incredible pleasure of interviewing Academy Award nominated Director/Producer/Writer, Pen Densham . Pen was co-writer and producer of Ron Howard’s Movie BACKDRAFT and was writer and producer of ROBIN HOOD- PRINCE OF THIEVES
  • Mastermind Behind BIZARRO Comic Strip

    Hi Everyone, I had a wild ride of an interview with the nationally syndicated cartoonist Dan Piraro , mastermind behind the comic strip BIZARRO . I've included a link to the Radio Show and a transcript of the interview. His twisted humor and unique
  • Wanna be on a Game Show? Interview with Casting Director Beverly Pomerantz

    I did a really fun, live interview with Los Angeles casting director Beverly Pomerantz on my LA talk Radio Show, Get Famous Friday. She’s a casting director with over 20 years’ experience casting for some of the most beloved Game Shows of
  • Inside the music industry - An Interview with Music Manager Debra Baum

    If your dream is a music career with concert tours, screaming fans and maybe a few roadies thrown in - this is for you. I had a great time interviewing mega music manager, Debra Baum, CEO db entertainment . As a music producer and music manager she has
  • Get Famous Friday

    Hi Everyone, Exciting news!! We just launched our new radio show on LA Talk Radio - “Get Famous Friday.” It runs live every Friday at 12:00 PST, 3:00pm EST. http://www.latalkradio.com/Studiovox.php What a trip! I’ve done never
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