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  • First launch

    Preparing the launch of our first production here at Rising Crowd. Ron Tavian Mac... A different man... you'll love it. More soon. Andre
  • I'm at Studio Vox

    I'm at Studio Vox with Amanda (CEO) and Mazen (COO), There are amazing features that will be implemented on the site. I love this energy, this will be a major step forward in the field of creativity.
  • Can't Wait

    We're Working right now on the first EP of this great Artist. His name is ron and i can't wait to use Studio Vox as the stable business asset to promote, engage and control pur marketing and communications activities.
  • Just Starting a new prodiction

    It's very hard to find a real production this days. We're working on a new approach in production and management. We like to think that we're shaping with our team the next generation of artists.
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