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  • Writer's Block, Plagiarism, My mom and Simply Red

    I'm going through a bout of "writer's block". I can't seem to come up with good stuff - I know I will break this spell, but it's always frustrating. When I have "writer's block", I usually don't listen to
  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! Peace and Love to you and yours :)
  • Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

    It's Thanksgiving tomorrow. My affection for turkey knows no bounds. I am sad on the years that I don't roast a turkey(like this year) because I go over to someone else' house. I love my family and I am very thankful for them, but there's
  • Inspiration

    4/23/13 Inspiration I just finished a piece of music for piano, string quartet and orchestra called “ The Gloaming of Inya Lake (for The Lady) ”. Inspiration comes from strangest events, places and past times. I recently found
  • The Stories Behind the Pieces

    04/12/13 The stories behind the pieces I love jazz-fusion – I don’t know if some new genre name has been given to it now, or it’s been broken up into sub-genre, but that’s what we used to call music like Al Di Meola’s
  • Why I put away the guitar(for a while) for the piano

    03/26/13 Why I put the guitar away(for a while) for the piano I picked up my first guitar around 4-5 years old I think. It was my brother’s guitar. I took to it and played one on and off, then, I took it seriously when I turned sixteen
  • A little musical journey

    03/25/13 A few people have advised that I start a blog – they said it’s important to do so, they said :) OK, I’ll try it :) A little musical history about me to start. As far as I know, the very few song writer/composers
  • My First Blog Ever 8/17/2012

    I've never written a blog, which is strange because anyone who knows me will tell you I'm hardly ever at a loss for words(to some peoples dismay). I'm addressing this blog to the Creative Members on this site. I decided to write my first
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