Remember being a kid out Trick-or-Treating and avoiding the neighbors' houses that gave out the "lame" candy?  It's true - Not all Halloween candy is created equal! When you put on that costume and trekked out to collect your loot, you secretly hoped that every house would hand out jumbo sized Snickers Bar! Or maybe a Starbursts packet? A jumbo Kit Kat? There are so many to choose from!

So what's your favorite Halloween candy?

Decide, and then read on to see what your choice says about you. (We really hope you don't pick "toothbrush" as your answer.)  Hope you enjoy this very scientific study created by our friends at thekitchn. Happy Halloween!

Big Crunch Bar:  
You're the dreamer. Whenever life gets you down or your friends seem to need advice, you're always there with big ideas and a positive attitude. Thanks, man! You're into adventure sports, like rock climbing or hiking. You never give up, but you're not hard on yourself.

You have a multi-faceted personality.
You don't fit into a box! You like lots of things and you don't care if they match or if they don't. Sometimes people might think that makes you mysterious or complicated, but you're just your own person. You like travel and reading just as much as you like sitting in front of the TV and watching sports. It's all about balance.

Kit Kat: 
You're the cool kid who is super laid-back. Whether you're hanging out by the lockers or taking a break at the water cooler at work, being popular has always been natural for you. You always go with the flow and just let things happen. No biggie. You tend to say "yes" to a lot of things and enjoy seeing where that takes you. You probably travel a lot for work.

100 Grand:
You're wise beyond your years.
While you might not have been student body president or the teacher's pet, you were always the kid in class that the teacher thought was most impressive. You're not a know-it-all, but you do question things in a very thoughtful way. You probably live in the Midwest.

Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins:
You're a free spirit.
You march to the beat of whatever instrument you want to. You have a strong sense of self, and enjoy being around people who challenge you. You're in an artistic field, or you're a lawyer. You've thought about going Paleo once or twice, but decided it wasn't for you.

Plain M&M's Fun Size Packet:
You're a model citizen
. You take your trash out on the right day, you always recycle, and you never have a second slice of cake (OK, fine, maybe that one time you did.) But don't let that exterior fool anyone — you're always up for an adventure and hitting that new museum. Fun doesn't have to be dangerous.

You're the creative type.
You like taking risks and stretching yourself in new, artistic fields. You might work in graphic design or illustration. You might live in the city, but dream of a small home in the suburbs – somewhere like Woodstock or the Berkshires – where there are lots of trees and it's super peaceful.

Nerds Treat Size Mini Boxes:
You're a total goofball.
You might not always be funny-funny, but your friends and family always know they'll have a good time when you're around. You're weird in a good way. You have a lot of energy, and are probably a morning person. You enjoy watching Saturday morning cartoons.

You're the quiet, loving type.
You treat everything around you with respect – especially your home and your clothes. You're an introvert. You always buy fresh-cut flowers on Sunday and make big batches of food in your slow cooker. Nothing brings you greater joy than when a close friend texts you just to check in.

Candy Corn:
You probably need braces. 
Remember when you went to the dentist the last time and she kinda hinted at the fact that your teeth are rotting? Maybe you need to start taking her seriously and avoid Halloween all together. You like cats.

You're a little clumsy.
You tend to lose stuff or drop stuff unexpectedly. Your favorite show is "The Simpsons" and you identify with Bart. You have every single episode on DVD. You were kind of a bully in high school, but you grew out of that phase and are really just a sweet, caring person.

3 Musketeers:
You're a hero.
You're super humble and unassuming, so not everyone knows how great you are. You probably work at a hospital or with animals in some capacity. In your downtime, you love drinking a glass of red wine or two, and reading long books. In another life you would be a Russian literature professor.

Milky Way:
You're a smooth guy. You know just what to say and when to say it. You're probably in business, or PR, or something where you talk to people all the time. You love a minimal, clean look for yourself and for your home. You enjoy cooking more than going out. You prefer dogs to cats.

A Toothbrush:
You're the Debbie-downer of your friend group.

You complain a lot about things and find joy in crushing people's ideas. At night you probably dream about cleaning your apartment or making to-do lists. You don't like pets, but you have a lot of plants in your apartment, including a few ferns, which you love dearly.

via thekitchn.

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