"This world is but a canvas to our imagination."

Henry David Thoreau

No truer words were ever spoken, especially in regards to artist Nina Y.  A graphic designer, photographer & traditional artist based in Ireland, Nina creates dark sometimes humorous works of art that come from our deepest childhood memories. Drawing inspiration from fairy tales, such as Alice in Wonderland, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and others, her work transports you to another world where myths and legends come to life. 

Her main artistic focus is Digital Art, with a significant portion dedicated solely to her series titled "Fairy Tales". This series features fantastic scenery and beautiful storybook characters together with just a dash of dark humor. Nina likes to focus strongly on adding deep realism to her Digital Photomontage and painting works and is the happiest when encountering a very demanding and detailed artwork.

Regarded as one of the best Graphic Designers in Ireland by several art related magazines, Nina's artistic style in its entirety is constantly evolving. 

StudioVox recently had the pleasure of talking with Nina about her creative process and incredible series "Fairy Tales".

Did you always know you'd become an artist?

NY: I was always very creative and just fascinated with art ever since I can remember. My love towards art, simply grew more and more as time went on.

Did you start with digital art or did you begin with other mediums?

NY: Before getting into Digital Art, I would often draw with pencils or charcoal, or paint with oils and watercolours. I feel that for now, my focus should be on Digital Art mainly (photomontage and digital painting combined together) as it allows for a faster process - which is a blessed thing for us who are short with time; while it also allows for a the feeling of creativity I am used to - that too being a very blessed thing for us who love to 'free style it'.

How did your series "Fairy Tales" come about?

NY: The original Series was titled "Twisted Tales" and it first came about back in 2008 with "Alice in Blunderland" and 2009. "Little Red Riding Hood". The Series depicted darkly humorous twists to stories we all know and love. As time went on, the title was broadened into "Fairy Tales" allowing me to get creative and work around different topics and characters, presenting them as my own storybook illustrations.

What inspired you to create it?

NY: The characters, the story-telling... and changing it all a little.
For example, The Story of Rapunzel: She is this lovely maiden, she is a bit sad and waiting desperately to be rescued by her Prince, who takes forever climbing up the tower on Rapunzel's hair (and it's not like he's light as a feather, you know?) Then, just as he's finally up there and the perfect scene draws to a close, Rapunzel decides to get a haircut. 
A bit of fun, no?

What does your creative process look like? Is it spontaneous or planned out?

NY: If it is to work well, then it needs to be at least a little planned out. Often, some themes even require a little researching. It's safe to say that I learn a lot with each new artwork.

What do you love about Digital Art?

NY: Digital Art is just something that with time, became a part of me somehow, and just something I truly enjoy. It's difficult to pin point one certain thing I love about it.

Any future projects/series in mind?

NY: Definitely expanding more on this particular Series. There will also be the group Exhibition at Vanilla Gallery in Japan next April. I'm looking forward to creating brand new art pieces for this. Another thing that is in planning, is the Art Book - I can't yet say when this is going to happen but I am working on it to become a reality soon.

See more of Nina's incredible work on her Facebook Page and StudioVox Portfolio

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