Our beloved Batman has been rescuing the world from bad guys for almost 50 years. Yet somehow he just keeps getting more muscular with the passing years! Los Angeles, Artist Jeff Victor has created a brilliant illustration series portraying the entire history of the Batman films from the first movie in 1966 to the last in 2012.

His illustrations capture the character with a bit of humor and fun and his evolution of Batman's arch nemesis' Joker, Mr. Penguin and Cat Woman are wonderful too! 

Jeff recently finished a seven year stint as a designer for Nickelodeon Games and is currently working as a freelance illustrator for some amazing clients - including, Cartoon Network, Nick Jr. Animation, Warner Bros Animation, ABCMouse, BBC/Create Media, National Geographic Kids and more. 

Batman - 1966

batman (1966)

Batman - 1989

batman (1989)

Batman Returns - 1992

Batman Forever - 1995

batman forever (1995)

Batman and Robin - 1997batman and robin (1997)

Batman Begins - 2005

batman begins (2005)

The Dark Knight - 2008

the dark knight (2008)

The Dark Knight Rises - 2012

the dark knight rises (2012)

Sources: Jeff Victor & What an ART

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