Cast of The Big Bang Theory

  • Raj’s inability to talk to women except when drunk is based on an old co-worker of executive producer Bill Prady when he worked at a computer company.

  • Actress Mayim Bialik who plays Amy Farrah Fowler has an actual neuroscience PhD in real life.

  • Jim Parsons (Sheldon) and Mayim Bialik (Amy) learned how to play the theremin and the harp for the show.

  • In spite of Sheldon being a huge fan of star trek, Jim Parsons has never seen an episode or movie.

  • Howard is the only one of the male characters not to see Penny naked at some time or another.

  • Jim Parsons initially thought he was auditioning for a game show. When his agent called and said Chuck Lorre wanted him to audition for a pilot, Parsons misunderstood. “I did not know Chuck Lorre at the time,” Parsons told David Letterman in 2014. He thought he meant Chuck Woolery.

  • The theme song for the show, “The History of Everything.", almost didn't get written. Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies was hesitent to write it as he's been burned by previous projects.  He told CBS News that he’d previously written some songs for TV and films only to have his work rejected, but Lorre and Prady finally convinced him.

  • Several of the actors in The Big Bang Theory previously worked together on Roseanne including Johnny Galecki, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf (who plays Sheldon’s mother, Mary Cooper) and Meagen Fay (who plays Bernadette’s mother). Additionally, Lorre was a writer on the series for several seasons.

  • Most of the time, Leonard has no lenses in his glasses.

  • The song “Soft Kitty”, is based on an Australian children’s song from Executive Producer Bill Prady’s daughter’s pre school.

Sources: DigitalSpy, MentalFloss, and uselessdaily. Image via thebitbag