We are happy to announce that fine art painter, Jeff Iorillo was selected by Sundance Cinemas Gallery of Robert Redford's Sundance Group for an exclusive exhibition at their Sundance Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. The artist’s work was chosen from a group of local artists who submitted their work for consideration to Sundance via an exclusive partnership with StudioVox.

Iorillo’s exhibition entitled "The Velocity Paintings" runs from October 22nd through mid-January 2016.  A Los Angeles-based abstract painter, Iorillo works in latex acrylic and enamel on canvas, coated masonite, and metal. 

Blue Velocity

This exhibition showcases high-gloss, high-impact abstract paintings on coated masonite related to Action Painting of the mid-20th Century. “I achieve a sumptuous density through techniques of pouring, dripping, dragging, pushing and puddling the sensuously thick paint while wet,” he says. "I build up layers by diluting latex acrylic with industrial polycrylic to create a glassy, overlapping depth. Finally, each painting is double-coated with an archival gloss varnish or thick glassy resin." 

Today's the Day

He describes this series of work as, “Exerting a muscular, dramatic impact on its environment. Engaging the viewer with bold masses, glassy layers of jewel-like color, and the momentum of the gestural painting technique.”  And explains that his work lives at the boundary between control and chaos: pushing a specific, usually invented, technique past its breaking point to achieve a spontaneity and unrestrained quality beyond his original intention. 

Vanilla Velocity

He keeps it fresh by continually experimenting. His ongoing exploration leads to distinct bodies of work, whose consistent throughline is a bold, vivid abstract style investigating materials, mass and momentum, color and gesture. He is interested in seizing attention with immediate impact, then holding it with a dynamic technique that invites speculation.


Sundance Cinemas VP of Marketing and Gallery Curator, Nancy Gribler sees Iorillo’s work as a bold representation of Los Angeles where it will be showcased.  “Jeff Iorillo is the kind of artist we love to have a show around at Sundance Sunset. At times his work is filled with hard edges, and other times one can almost see his thought process as he allows the medium to take over the canvas. His work enhances the full experience at the Sundance Cinemas Gallery.”  

CEO of StudioVox Amanda Slingerland agrees, “Jeff’s paintings have a spontaneous and energetic quality while at the same time feeling solid and substantial, just like L.A.  I love that they really challenge the boundaries between painting and sculpture exploring the tension between momentum and mass.  His work creates a wonderful exhibition at Los Angeles’ Sundance, Gallery.”


When asked about his connection to Los Angeles, Iorillo says, "I was delighted and flattered when Sundance contacted me to show my work at the Sunset 5," he says. "I grew up in LA, and as an adult lived just up the hill from the theater in Laurel Canyon for six years before moving to Silver Lake a few years ago. So it feels like a homecoming and and a chance to hang a show for my family, friends and neighbors! Also, they have good popcorn at this theater!" 

Fall from the Sky

The future looks bright for Iorillo who I just returned home from his first international museum shows in Japan, where he met a group of Kyoto artists who have invited him to participate in another show there for next autumn. Also he says, "I'm currently working on a suite of four large paintings on aluminum for a new office tower in Boston. Looking forward to showing at Gallery 825 (825 La Cienega in WeHo, gallery of the Los Angeles Art Association). Always working on new techniques and new series, with a couple in progress at any time...always looking for opportunities to show and sell."

Repercussion Red

Jeff has been painting for over fifteen years, with studies at the San Francisco Art Institute and Otis College and Art Center in Los Angeles. His work is acquired by individuals and corporate collections from L.A. to Hong Kong and is commissioned for commercial installations worldwide.

He has been represented by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Art Rental & Sales Gallery, and his work is regularly featured in film and television. Jeff is a Member of the Los Angeles Art Association.

Find more of Iorillo’s work on his website and at StudioVox

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