We're happy to announce that Fine Art Painter, Anna Macrae was selected by Sundance Cinemas Gallery of Robert Redford's Sundance Group for an exclusive exhibition at their Sundance Cinema Gallery in Seattle, WA.  The artist’s work was chosen from a group of local artists who submitted their work for consideration to Sundance via an exclusive partnership with StudioVox.


Anna Macrae’s exhibition entitled "Texture & Surface" runs from October 19 through January 2016.  

Macrae describes herself as a "Process Driven Artist" and creates her artworks in response to the materials she uses together with the techniques and processes she has developed. She is most interested in texture and surface and playing with unconventional materials.  

Excursion Part 1

“As a process artist, I often embed multiple layers of pigment or found matter, such as fabrics, newspaper or sand into the under painting," says Macrae.  "This creates a unique foundation to build on.”  

Heel Stone

Viewers of her exhibition will initially be drawn to the strong forms she’s created as well as the surface interest and the many layers of paint and texture. Macrae continually challenges herself to explore new methods of working and thrives on harnessing the chaos of the unknown during the creative process of making abstraction. Each of Macrae’s featured artworks courts contrast and contradiction.


In this exhibition Macrae integrated many diverse materials such as charcoal and sand into her paintings.  “I had always avoided charcoal, because I felt it was messy, and I was never sure how to deal with the unstable surface,” says Macrae.  “So there was my challenge, embrace the charcoal, and I did, and loved it.” Both her Nature's Fury and Insular Repeat paintings include sand.

Nature's Fury

Part of Macrae’s process also includes embedding tissue paper in the under-painting for surface quality, then using the charcoal to commit to strong forms. “My intention was to create ancient stone like shapes that possess a strangely organic quality, “ she says.  “As I evolved the process I found I became interested in making more subtle shifts in the surface and played with the neutral tones to creating perfectly awkward line and form against the strong matt charcoal line.”

Excursion Part 1

Sundance Cinemas VP of Marketing and Gallery Curator, Nancy Gribler was drawn to Macrae’s work, “It’s equally breathtaking and fascinating to stare and experience Anna Macrae’s work. Her process is at once a mystery, yet mysteries are to be unfolded, say Gribler.  “I was drawn into her use of color and form, and we couldn’t be happier to have her at the Sundance Gallery.”

Excursion Part 3

CEO of StudioVox Amanda Slingerland agrees, “Anna Macrae’s paintings are a bold expression of form, creating a complete sensory experience for the viewer with layers, texture and material. Her work creates a fantastic exhibition at Seattle’s Sundance, Gallery.”

Ley Lines

“I consider myself a lifelong artist, and from an early age I surrounded myself with art making," says Macrae.  “My mother and grandmother were both artists, their skills were often put to use in a more practical and domestic environment, but their approach to life instilled in me creative possibilities in everyday objects and situations. My education is in Civil Engineering,” says Macrae.  “But my passion has always been for the arts, and being a part of the art community.”

 Grid Reference

In addition to her exhibit at Sundance, Macrae also has work at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, part of a group show, exploring the wide interpretation and the "Power of Line", which runs until Jan 10, 2016.  

Be sure to stop by Sundance Cinemas Gallery in Seattle to see Anna's exhibition running through January 2016.  You can also see more of her work on her website and on StudioVox

[Top Painting Hinge Stone]


 If you're interested in submitting for Sundance click here.