StudioVox is thrilled to announce that Fine Art Painter, Bonnie Lambert was selected by Sundance Cinemas Gallery of Robert Redford's Sundance Group for an exclusive exhibition at their Sundance Cinema Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.  The artist’s work was chosen from a group of local artists who submitted their work for consideration to Sundance via an exclusive partnership with StudioVox.


Bonnie Lambert’s exhibition entitled Towards the Light runs from October 2016 through mid January 2017.   A California Expressionist oil painter, her work is inspired by intense color and deep contrast reflected through urban landscapes including telephone wires, rush-hour traffic, and transmission towers. The colossal scale of the City of Los Angeles with its fluid light, contrasting landscapes, and passionate mix of cultures is her muse and moved her to become a visual artist.

"My intention with this work is to invite the viewer to consider situations and objects so common that they’ve become invisible to us—and to see them in a whole new light," says Bonnie.

The Wonder

Prior to her journey as a painter Lambert graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee with a BFA in theatre, moved to Philadelphia and for 17+ years was a professional actress.

Orange Palms

Twenty-five years ago she moved to Southern California, where she transitioned into graphic design. She took classes at the Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, California and studied painting with artists David Limrite, Ray Turner and Mark Strickland.

Al and Bea's

Lambert began attending a painting workshop given by the museum-collected and internationally-exhibited Chicana artist Margaret Garcia. Ms. Garcia became Lambert’s mentor, which led to a solo show at the Garcia Studio, and subsequent exhibits in museums and galleries throughout California and in New Mexico and New York City.

Using a vibrant palette and expressive brushstrokes, she captures the dramatic essence of Southern California—light, earth and people—mirrored through neighborhoods: from Hollywood to Long Beach; the San Fernando Valley to Pasadena; Glendale, Burbank, South Central, and many more.


Earlier this year, Sundance Cinemas VP of Marketing and Gallery Curator, Nancy Gribler said she was drawn to Lamberts work, "Bonnie's cityscapes, particularly speak to me," said Gribler.  "I thinks she's caught the essence of Los Angeles light, which changes from vivid color to gray, but always muted.  I look at her work and see the city with new eyes. We are thrilled to have her showing at the Sundance Sunset."

Up the Street

President of StudioVox Amanda Slingerland agrees, “Bonnie’s paintings are an exciting expression of the colors that make Los Angeles vibrant and memorable - the city of sunshine and dreams,with a gritty underbelly.  There's a real honesty within her work," she says.  "Her work has a nostalgic quality like returning to fond memories of something loved and creates a beautiful exhibition at the West Hollywood, Sunset Sundance Gallery.”


You can see more of Bonnie Lambert’s work on StudioVox. 


Are you an artist who would like to be considered for a Sundance exhibition?  Let us know.