Preschool children aged three and four have created designs for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The original logo for the Olympics was scrapped over a plagiarism conflict earlier this year, and the design has since been put out to an open crowdsourced competition.

US-based designer Michael Raisch responded to this by asking his daughter’s preschool class to create logo designs, all of which worked within the official IOC design guidelines. Michael took the children’s creations and developed them into a logo, creating mockups of its application across everything from billboards and posters to flags and an aeroplane livery.

“As a creative professional working in the sports branding field, I felt it was important to discuss the significance of creativity and expression in logo design over the trend of crowdsourcing,” says Michael.

It’s a great example of looking for inspiration in uncommon places. It’s also not for lack of talent, but none of these logos will be considered for the Tokyo Olympics. Only submissions created inside Japan are eligible. Too bad. 

Michael Raisch  is currently the Senior Designer and New Media Director at Fanbrandz, a sports branding agency that partners with Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League on special event and franchise branding programs. In 2015 Michael won his first CLIO along with his creative team at Fanbrandz and partners at the NHL for the 2015 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic identity. Aside from his professional contributions in the field, Michael is also a passionate digital storyteller and content producer. His work at Raisch Studios has ranged from filming time-lapse of One World Trade Center's rise to a tribute for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 told through the lens of international aviation of photographers. In 2014 Michael gained international exposure for his tribute to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The final memorial was viewed 90,000 times in 172 countries within the first 3 days of publication.

via visualnews

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