Everyone agrees, ads are typically annoying. Occasionally however, ads can make a powerful statement. The following ads have been designed by creative thinkers who have taken a serious subject and found the perfect balance of visual irony and combined it with the perfect copy to deliver a powerful message. 

They make you stop, think and consider. Some are shocking, making you take a second look, others make you consider situations you've never thought of before. 

Save the Books

Via Advertising Agency: Grey, Toronto, Canada

Save the Trees If You Want to Breathe

Via Advertising Agency: TBWA\PARIS, France

Stop Distracted Driving

Via Advertising Agency: Red Pepper, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Global Warming Makes Them Disappear

Via Kevin Yen

Smoking Is Not a Game

No games for smokers by German Ljutaev

Text a Letter and Lose Vision of 60 Meters of Road

Via Ads of the World 

Children Should Not Be Soldiers

Via Creative/Art director Pius Walker, Amnesty International, Switzerland

Stop Air Pollution

Air Pollution via Bored Panda

Every 60 Seconds

Via Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin, Germany

Soda Pop Killer

Via Flickr 


(h/t: From up NorthBored Panda

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