American artist Chris Beetow creates cheeky and fun illustrations based on photos of adorable pets. Bulldogs, labradors, tabby cats or any pet you can think of!  

A modern day animalier, Chris specializes in pet portraits that capture the "inner pet" that only the owner truly knows. Her work has been featured in numerous online articles and she has been featured in the inaugural issue of Dogster Magazine.

 Bellah, the sneaky one

Oliver, the laziest cat on the planet

Sammi, food obsessed and always dirty

Mr. Puddy, sophisticated and forever hungry

Pinky, who doesn’t like anybody

King, the most flamboyant of all cats

Jack, he is the protector of all

Henry, fails at all diets

Baby Man, lives in Cali but his soul is all Bronx

See more of Chris's cheeky pet illustrations on her website and Facebook Page!

Sources: Chris Beetow and BoredPanda