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A commercial and fine art photographer based in Seattle, Matt Mornick enjoys exploring the back-country to photograph remote places when not shooting for clients. "I am drawn to the challenge of getting to wild places. Their uncluttered nature clears my mind and gives me room to expand."

Matt specializes in large scale photographs on wood prints that portray the delicate balance and beauty of nature via a unique printing technique.

"Wood is a challenging medium for printmaking. It continuously adapts to its environment, even after the milling process. When printing on wood I first consider the type, origin, and moisture content. These factors influence how the material will react with archival ink over time. I spend a lot of time searching for hardwoods light in color and soft to touch. Then I focus on the direction and movement within the grain. Final selection of a photograph hinges on how the image will interact with the wood’s grain pattern.

My hope is that people connect with the pieces, feel inspired by the beauty and grandeur, and seek to protect and explore these wild places."

Be sure and checkout this short video of Matt's creative process. 

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