Chinese contemporary artist and activist,  Ai Weiwei wants you to get in touch with your inner child and has created fantastical sculptures out of bamboo and paper to help you do that.

Weiwei created these massive pieces for Le Bon Marche, the iconic department store in Paris, using kite-making techniques. The exhibit titled, "Er Xi" or Child's Play, is comprised of scenes from characters of the 2,000-year old collection of tales called Shan Hai Jing, a series of stories told to Chinese children for ages.

The process used to make the sculptures is technically simple, essentially the same process you use to make a kite, which includes stretching silk or paper over a wood frame. However, these art pieces are anything but simple. Weiwei employed a team of talented artisans to create the shapes. The lighted pieces were then hung in the store’s atrium, where they look like magnificent paper lanterns.

via inhabitat

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