Artist Lorenzo Manuel Durán Silva creates amazingly detailed leaf art. By cutting shapes into various leaves, Silva creates stunning works of miniature art - animals, faces, nature scenes and more.

"Inspired by a caterpillar, I decided to cut plant leaves the same way as other artists do with paper," says Silva.  "That idea captivated my whole mind because it looked like a great opportunity to combine two of my true passions: art and nature. My geometric or figurative designs mostly come from my innate observation of nature and the personal metamorphosis I have gone through in recent years."

Based in Spain, Silva developed his own technique for his leaf cutting art after failing to find other methods. "I developed my own technique for doing it, which went through a long trial-and-error process until I found a good way of cutting my designs so that they could be framed and preserved for several years, as any other work of art."

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