Escaping the confines of reality through a fresh visual experience is what painters strive to achieve for their audience. Creating a journey where time and place disappear and the viewer has opportunity to experience something new. Paintings that celebrate a bold mix of fantasy, surrealism and magical realism are particularly transportive, inviting the viewer to expand their horizons and inhale deeply the perfume of imagination.

The artists we’re spotlighting today all celebrate the freedom of imagination, melding dreams with reality, fantasy with beauty, creating vibrant new visual worlds to improve our reality.

Carlo Salomoni

Fine Art - Ferrara, Italy

Artist Carlo Salomoni lives in Ferrara, Italy and took an unusual path on his journey to becoming an artist. A graduate of Medical School with a degree in general surgery, he left medicine in 1992 to become a professional artist.

His paintings have a sense of metaphysical and surrealism, art fantasy and magic realism, and invoke a world of dreams and ambiances where reality and fantasy are malted and collide beautifully.

Self-taught, he started his artist career producing art objects (small sculpture and decoration of pottery vases), exhibiting in galleries in Ferrara and Bologna Italy.

He has had numerous exhibitions in Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium and the United States.

His paintings are mentioned in art catalogs and auctions, in national events in Italy and are selected for illustrations in international medicine and surgery conventions, medical and scientific publications, literary text reproductions, poetry, tales and fables.

You can see more of his work on his website on StudioVox.   


Neena Buxani  

Fine Artist - Austin, Texas

Bold color is the passion and vision behind artist Neena Buxani’s work.   She lets color guide her paintings and take them to a place where unrealized emotions are found. “I’m inspired by beauty, fashion, positive energy, music and life,” she says.  

“You may see both Mexican American and Indian American influences in my work, since I am an Indian American who grew up on the border of Mexico.   My paintings take the viewer on a very tactile and vivid journey. I enjoy using different techniques and mediums to create visually interesting compositions--a juxtaposition of intense colors and inviting textures regardless of the subject. I invite you to drop in the vibrant world I enter when I create.”

She started painting as a child and continued to do so on and off until the beginning of 2014 when she decided she wanted to make art a way of life. Mostly a self-taught artist she’s learned the most through exploring other artists' works and experimenting with different mediums.  

She has exhibited in numerous shows, galleries and venues and does commissioned works. Currently in Austin, Texas she’s reaching out to start displaying  in other prominent cities.

You can see more of her work on her website and on StudioVox.


Randal Stringer

Fine Artist - Chicago, Illinois

Randal Stringer is a Chicago based artist continuously reinventing the process of mixing traditional and digital media, creating unique methods of expression and exploring the ways it filters his ideas.

Through his work, he hopes to grow his connections to the people and places of Chicago, as well as continuing to develop an eye for the interesting. He has discovered a passion for a traditional and digital painting with a graphic based influence, finding joy in mixing the opposite approaches for a unique creative expression of traditional and digital culture. He is also drawn to the influence of urban style art.

You can see more of his work on his website and on StudioVox.

Filipe Mendes 

Fine Art - Oporto, Portugal

Artist Filipe Mendes is a passionate creator of art and music.  “I'm a person who simply loves Art, Music and Cinema. I'm just a fanatic individual trying to representing these loves,” he says.   “I see many forms and shapes about art, one human harmony.”

He seeks new horizons in art through other artistic fields, meeting new artistic people and learning from them. Always a dreamer, he idealizes himself in Los Angeles, the city of angels, from his home in Oporto, Portugal. “LA is very special to me although I’ve never been there,” he says.

“It's my dream, to go to L.A. and work, get exposure and show my best Artworks. I also have a band of Indie Rock called Blueberries for Chemical.”

You can see more of Filipe’s work on his website and on StudioVox.  

John Powell 

Fine Artist - Jamaica

For Artist John Powell, inspiration originates from life and nature.  At times, it feels too spiritual to express, he says. Yet art has helped him see that nothing on earth is solitary, and that all things are interlinked.  There is honesty in creating art that John’s work explores, expanding on themes of Time, Life and Death.

“My work speaks in a context of time,” he says. “I choose not to privilege any one medium, sometimes paint other times photography. The emotional and psychological content of my subject, the way the body expresses its dialogue/emotion. It contextualizes the concepts of the duality of the meaning of the imagery. My style is an expression of my philosophy which becomes a language.”

His work strives to express his deep awareness of global issues and is counterbalanced with his cultural heritage.

You can see more of John's work on his website and on StudioVox.  

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