Creative communities contribute to the greater good and the StudioVox community is no different. The diverse talents represented and the passion they have for their art propels them to help others in different ways. Some Voxers donate their talent to organizations, some teach the arts, some use their talent to be in service and others create works that feed our souls.

In this edition of Creative Shoutouts we highlight several Creatives who are very aware of the power they have to serve the greater good. A drum teacher who encourages students to use music for personal expression, a photographer who longs to capture moments of your life that can live forever, a musician who pairs world music with green tea to fill all your senses, a radio show that promotes unknown music, a recording studio that strives to serve others for a higher purpose and a dance instructor who teaches life skills essential to creating conscious, fulfilling relationships through the Tango!

How does your work support the greater good? Click through to read about these Voxers, reach out to make yourself known and collaborate on something powerful today!

Josh’s Underground Music Show

Josh Ayers is a superfan of music and artists. He is a major supporter of all artists and was looking for a way to make a difference and help promote independent artists. Josh wanted to give anyone and everyone an opportunity to express their art and be heard. From his passion and love of music, came Josh’s Underground Music Show, a radio showcase for indie artists and fans of independent music. The show features tunes from underground and undiscovered artists from around the world. This show kicks off special moments for artists where their music will be heard on real radio. This is the place to hear interviews with the artist and get to make a connection between them, their songs, and their fans. Every week, the radio show spotlights one artist and lets the fans get to know them as well as their music. Tune in every Monday night from 8 to10PM on WHAY 98.3FM, or listen live online at If you missed the show on Monday catch a follow up at 2AM, Saturday at 12AM, or Sunday at 8PM on If you are an indie artist, you can submit your songs directly to Josh for radio play. He would love to hear from you!

Allied Arts

Allied Arts is a unique full service high quality creative studio started by Jeremy Britt and Seth Sullivan located in historic Georgetown, South Carolina. Their goal is to make your business, hobby, activity (whatever it is that you do) look good! Allied Arts range of professional creative services includes graphic design, photography, videography, web development, large format digital vinyl printing and their facility houses a full service recording studio to suit most audio needs. They can even provide remote recording services to record their clients wherever they are and capture any show or event. This means that Allied Arts can be your one stop shop, able to provide a 360 degree service platform for your creative project. The environment is comfortable, the quality is great, and the staff is well trained. The Allied Arts family considers the vision of their clients to be their highest priority and will stop at nothing to deliver the product that both satisfies and exceeds the expectations of their client. They love a challenge so if you have ANY creative projects in mind, no matter how complex or unique, Allied Arts has the creative solution to help you claim your spot in the world. 

Son Set Beach Productions

Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bob Reynolds created Son Set Beach Productions as a world class recording studio and mastering facility with a higher purpose. Their business principles are engrained in their personal faith and beliefs and they take their inspiration from the New Testament’s book of Matthew, “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…””. At Son Set Beach Productions, quality is the cornerstone of everything they do and they strive to show humility, respect and fairness toward all and believe they are called to use their gifts and talents to serve others. They provide full service, state-of-the-art audio production services utilizing top of the line equipment that includes an “inconceivable” collection of high-end microphones and a complete complement of professional keyboards, synths, guitars and world class audio mastering hardware and software. The team includes an incredible pool of New Mexico’s industry leading musicians who are committed to meeting you where you’re at professionally and providing you with the service and resources that you need in the best possible environment for your creative process. Bob Reynolds and his team believe that good music brings people together for a perfect reason.

Essential Bliss photography

Essential Bliss Photography was created by Emily Baker and is based in southern Oregon. Her goal is create custom photography to turn a few quick moments of your life into stunning art that will stay with you forever. Emily’s versatile and adaptive shooting style gives you the option to go classic or contemporary, but always classy. Whether it's vibrant and colorful,
soft and warm or an emotive black and white, Emily pours her heart and soul into the quality of your images - from shoot, to process, to print. Emily loves capturing special events and preserving the passion people have in those special moments. Essential Bliss Photography specializes in creative modeling shoots, senior portrait photography, couple and engagement photography and wedding photography.

Andrew Toy

Musician Portfolio-StudioVox

Andrew Toy believes if you remain open, creative inspiration can come at any time, from any source. Andrew cites his musical inspiration comes not only from accomplished drummers such as Billy Martin, Peter Erskine, Max Roach and Antonio Sanchez, but from books, a good meal, an extraordinary sunset and even a thoughtful conversation. A Philadelphia/Washington based drummer and educator, Andrew is currently on tour throughout the country with funk jazz groove rockers, The Royal Noise, supporting their most recent album, Unbreakable. Andrew picked up his first set of drumsticks at age 9 and he’s been honing and applying those skills to musical groups of all types, from rock and pop to big band to world music to orchestral and small combos. An accomplished performer with over 1000 stage performances under his belt, Andrew’s had the amazing experience of playing with such diverse artists as Chris Amott of Arch Enemy, Grammy Award winner Jim Lauderdale, Johnny Thunder of The Drifters, Jim Yester of The Association, Jeff Coffin of Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, Liberace protege Linda Gentille, Billy Richards of The Coasters, Jamila Ajibade of The Fifth Dimension, Australian rocker Roland Storm, Bob Allen of Sister Sledge, among others. Musically and personally, Andrew believes that diversity and openness are key to a person's development. As a performer, he feels that performing with musicians of different backgrounds is a constant source of inspiration and engaging music. As an educator, Andrew emphasizes the role of music as a form of expression and its parallel to verbal language and encourages his students to enjoy the music-making (and learning) process and to view mechanics as a means to their own creativity and expressions.

Phil Lomac


Phil Lomac is a musician-songwriter who has released several albums of lyrically-weighted, alternative folk rock material. Growing up in Berlin, Germany and experiencing the fall of the Berlin Wall, he was inspired by the city's many social movements permeated by musicians and artists, and was soon pulled into this creative energy. After moving to the U.S. and filling lead guitar and backing/lead vocal roles in bands including The Brown Root Seed Company, Ron Neil & the Eleventh Hour, Senatobia (Performing Songwriter top 10 DIY pick) and Bugs Multiply, Phil broke away to start a solo career with his 2005 self-titled release. Lomac’s writing took on a different life with his solo work, exposing a depth and maturity in his lyrics, offset by creative melody and minimalist production. Phil recently teamed up with drummer Andy Angelos and co-founded Tea for Tyrants, a purveyor of fine green tea and indie music. They also formed the group Lovely Tyrants to release their new EP “Tea for Tyrants”. With an approach that is experimental popster and a core rich with instrumentation, the unrefined sound of his music is a refreshing contrast to the overly-produced, mechanized feel of modern fare. Phil says,”We give our customers the experience of discovering new tastes and sounds by pairing our quality tea products with indie music from around the world”. Their green tea is grown at a tea farm located in south central Japan in an area surrounded on three sides by mountains, with a height just above 1,000 meters above sea level, the misty climate, sloping hills and unique climate provide an ideal setting for tea plants to thrive. These geographical features and the nutrient-rich soil produce a very high grade tea leaf making it the epicenter for high quality Japanese green tea and some of the best green tea in the world. For the cost of vinyl (or less) you can get something for 3 senses - taste, smell and hearing.

Spot Creations

Art-Creative Portfolio-StudioVox

Spot Creations is the graphic design and illustration studio of Mike Noonan. Located in Philadelphia, PA, with over 20 years of experience, Mike specializes in all things graphic design and illustration for both print and web. Mike has worked with clients both locally and around the world on projects ranging in scope. Whether the client is a large Fortune 500 company or a small startup business, the goal is the same; to provide outstanding graphic design and illustration services at affordable prices with fast and reliable turnaround times. Mike and his team at Spot Creations consistently deliver visual communications that convey the client's message in a dynamic, innovative and memorable presentation. Known for effective, adaptable, high quality work, their services include website design, email marketing design, corporate identity design, publication layout, vector illustration and much more.

B & J Entertainment


B&J Entertainment is the brainchild of Betty and Jenil, two college graduates who want to make their niche in the entertainment industry. Betty and Jenil started together at LaSmouve Records, an independent record label in Bridgeport, CT. While at LaSmouve they learned what it takes to run a record label from the ground up. They soon decided to branch out on their own and launched B&J Entertainment, LLC. Their promise for the company is to expose to the world new platforms within the entertainment industry. Their goals consist of entertainment film production, managing the careers of music producers, songwriters and artists, and creating a platform to give musicians an out to market themselves. B & J Entertainment recently partnered with top music production team Carvin and Ivan Productions who has produced mega hits for Musiq Soulchild, Justin Timberlake, Jill Scott, Chris Brown, and Keyshia Cole, among others. They are a Grammy winning team with seventeen Grammy nominations, six ASCAP Rhythm and Soul awards, and have had at least one Top Ten hit for the past ten years in a row. B & J Entertainment and Carvin and Ivan Productions are in search of the next hit music producer and are offering aspiring producers the chance to win a major production deal and be signed to their production team. They are looking for a producer that can take an idea and create a product through to the end. The competition will be shot as a reality-based talent competition series titled “The Next Hot Music Producer”. Could be you!

Ilona Living Tango

Ilona Glinarsky lives to facilitate and promote all creative expression, from dance to music to art. She is passionate about teaching ordinary people to communicate more authentically using the language of partner dance – The Argentine Tango! A dancer, teacher and filmmaker, originally from Kiev (Ukraine), Ilona is no stranger to music and dance. Growing up in the former Soviet Union she was exposed to dance and music education from the age of four. A classically trained pianist, Ilona has a deep understanding and appreciation for music and rhythm. Trained to accompany dancers with the world-renowned Ukrainian dance troupe, Virsky Ukranian Dance Ensemble, Ilona developed her true passion and reverence for discipline and form. Over the last seventeen years Ilona has expanded her artistic expression, discovering Latin dance – Salsa, Mambo and Argentine Tango. Trained by acclaimed Tango instructors, Ilona has a strong foundation and deep respect for the “fundamentals” upon which this dance is structured. Her passion lies in introducing ordinary people to Argentine Tango, the most extraordinary dance based on connection. She sees Tango as a dialog between two equal partners and her emphasis is on developing and expanding ones capacity to communicate from the heart, to trust and surrender, to lead and follow – all precious life skills essential to creating conscious, fulfilling relationships, both on and off the dance floor. Most recently Ilona has dabbled in film-making, writing and directing an award-winning short film A Tango for Joe, featured on PAH Nation – Hollywood, by Christopher Coppola. A Tango for Joe is the story of an ordinary guy by day and an extraordinary dancer by night. Joe's drab day life is punctuated by loss, rejection and the ridicule of his co-workers. But come nightfall, the magic of Argentine tango transforms this ugly duckling into a graceful swan and makes his life worth living. Ilona believes every relationship is a dance – every dance a relationship.

Raven Shriner – RavenFire Imaging

Photography Portfolio-Portfolio-StudioVox

Raven Shriner is a photographer and graphic artist based in Charleston, South Carolina with a unique vision. Her dream has always been to show the world through her eyes. Established in 1999, RavenFire Graphics design studio began as a way for Raven to express her joy of art and creativity. Her work is incredibly unique with a personal touch that incorporates black and white photography imaging resulting from extending shutter times and utilizing custom filters and toning processes. Combining her talents of photography and graphic design, RavenFire Graphics offers a wide variety of artistic services from commercial photography and promo stills to corporate design work and illustration for literary works.