Character design can be a tricky beast to tackle. The simplicity of a beautifully formed character belies the many hours of creative process and work that went into its development.  A layering of creative decisions takes place with a lot to consider. After all, you’re bringing a new being into the world!

Things to consider - Who is it aimed at? Where is it appearing? What will make it distinctive? What line qualities and special techniques will make it standout? Using what color pallet?

Each decisions leads the designer down a path, linking elements that will ultimately deliver the perfect characteristics to set their character apart and create the backbone for a story, movie, or video game.

Whether it’s Mickey Mouse's famous three-fingered hands (drawn to save production time when he was first developed for animations in the 1920s) – to the elegant simplicity of Homer Simpson, character design has always been about keeping it simple.

There's knowing what to exaggerate and what to play down, what to add to give a hint of background and depth, and what to do to develop personality. Getting started can be the trickiest part in any character design project, but once you've made of the initial decisions, the flow of creativity takes over and you breathe life into your character.

The character designers and 3D animators we’re celebrating today understand that creative process and painstakingly breathing life into their imaginary creatures, building new worlds for all of us to explore.

Colin Searle

 Digital Arts, Character Design & Animations - Toronto, Canada

Colin Searle is a dedicated artist from Sheridan's Animation program.  He has spent the past four years getting prepared for a career in animation. He plans to work in TV animation, feature films or games and after looks forward to opening a studio of his own feature films or video games someday.

He recently completed an internship at BDA Entertainment, working on their app game, "Realm of Empires" during where he enjoyed every minute learning from and working with the other fantastic artists and designers there.

See more of his work on StudioVox.   

Bruce Brenneise  

Concept Artist and Illustrator - Seattle, WA

Bruce Brenneise is a Seattle based artist who builds new worlds: vibrant, narrative-driven environment designs/illustrations for the gaming and SFF publishing clients.

“Images of the fantastic and otherworldly attracted me from the very first,” he say.   “Utter fascination sprang from an illustrated copy of Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung (dragons, giants, and Norns, oh my!) and from Goya's wonderfullly horrific paintings I first found as a young child. My origin story also came with a plethora of camping/road trips throughout the national parks of North America, driving my early passion for maps and environments.

Those interests were later developed with a BFA in scientific illustration from the University of Michigan, six years living and traveling throughout Asia, and (more recently) three years devoted to improving my craft and getting to better know the game industry in Seattle's indie culture.  I love what I do!"

If you want to learn more about his art, check out his website and StudioVox.

Leroux Xavier

3D and Digital Artist - Nimes, France

Leroux Xavier is a 29 year old French artist who lives in the amazing world of digital painting - freelance 2D and 3D work.

“I'm addicted to art," he says. “My main passion is to draw and paint stuff to amaze people, tell them stories, give them a little bit of my imagination each time I made a piece, and finally contribute to inspire them.  I love fantasy stuff, dragons, warrior, ninja, samurai, evil creature but I also portrait and all kind of character creation.”

If you want to learn more about his art, check out his website and StudioVox.

Ivan Freire 

Digital Artist and Character Designer  - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ivan Freire is a digital artist based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He graduated in Game Design by Anhembi Morumbi University and has continued to work in different projects of animation in Brazil for Cartoon Network Latin America as Storyboard Artist and Character Designer. Currently, he’s a storyboard artist for a new TV show in Brazil called ''Oswaldo'': Cartoon Network Latin America. 

You can see more of his work on his website and on StudioVox.



Digital and 3D Artist - Mexico

LimKuk is a freelance 3D and digital graphic artist from Mexico. A lover of special effects and behind the scenes work, he’s the director and founder of Lamprea Studios.

You can see more of his work on his website and on StudioVox.

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