Created by artist Tom Fonder and content writer Rachael Robins, “The Adventures Of Business Cat,” is a web-comic illustrating how a cat CEO handles day-to-day affairs at his company. 

"CEO. Business maverick. Cat."

According to his creators - " Business cat is a shrewd businessman and hard-hitting executive. Business Cat is not afraid to milk the corporate cash cow for his taste of the big-time. He pushes the envelope with his integrated approach, maximising leverage, downsizing, rightsizing and other business things. In his free-time, Business Cat enjoys relaxing on a 16 kt gold yacht and receiving belly scratches from high-end escorts."

Both based in Sheffield, England, Tom Fonder specializes in drawing cats with freakish, human bodies and Rachael Robins is a content writer by trade and thinks writing bylines is the worst.

Sources: The Adventures Of Business Cat and Viralinside

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