The award-winning photographer and the New York Times Best Selling author of Underwater Puppies,  Seth Casteel strikes again!  

Based in Venice, CA Seth is best known for his hilarious series/books of Underwater Dogs and Underwater Puppies, he's created another photography series, called “Underwater Babies,”. The series featured adorable shots of babies dressed as a mermaid, scuba diver, superhero and just having a fantastic time underwater.

He created the series to advocate water safety for children. "After watching a few infant swim classes and learning of the associated benefits, I realized I could possibly help to bring awareness to this cause through a series of joyful images.

Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death of children under the age of five in the United States. Infant swimming lessons can help to reduce the risk of drowning by up to 88%. By creating this book, I hope to encourage and inspire parents to consider swim lessons for their children, with the ultimate goal of preventing tragedies."

See more of Casteel's online portfolio on his website and Instagram

Sources: Seth Casteel and FREEYORK

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