As Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said "We want to do a lot of stuff; we're not in great shape. We didn't get a good night's sleep. We're a little depressed. Coffee solves all these problems in one delightful little cup!"

German artist Stefan Kuhnigk, has taken the uses for coffee to a whole other level. In his own words "I spilled some on a piece of paper the other day in cold november and found something.... A COFFEEMONSTER.

I create sweet, lovely and sometimes just evil coffeemonsters because I like doing it and have by now made about three-hundred of them. I really enjoy every single one because I enjoy creation and the determination or coincidence of coffee hitting paper. Procedure? Not a secret at all. I take some coffee and let it splash onto a piece of paper. After drying for about 4 to 6 hours I can draw directly onto the stain. I try to see a character or figure in it and when I find something, I draw it. Tadaaa. That's coffeemonsterlicious."

Behold the coffeemonsters!

Monster #219

While Bobby was spectating what was going on behind his back, he decided to take a look on what was lying in front of him.

Monster #403

It tried to get up early but was late anyways. Argh!

Monster #468

For monster Jim there was only one thing going to be the peak of the week. The search for some cattle and eating it as a small snack.

Monster #480

This monster is so sweet, it would just eat you right away. And it really could because its friggin 30ft high and its preferred munchie are “humans”.

Monster #346

Jumping on one finger. I wanna see you pull that off!

Monster #343

4 eyes are better than two – because hunting humans is hard. Even for monsters like this one!

Monster #456

The sleep embraced him for too long. Almost four hours passed since he took the one-hour-sleeping-as-deep-as-a-crocodile-pills. But little did he know that the effect on coffeemonster-crocodiles was even more heavy.

Monster #477

Here is a piggy monster, ready to fetch a to be thrown ball. Go, piggie. Go!

Monster 490

Burgal had nothing to laugh at, because he simply could not. He was a squid with two mouth' and a giant hook at his right tentacle. He was never a guy you wanna play with, but he has a good heart. A good heart like... well, it pumps blood. Perhaps it's not that good...

See more of his amazing work on Instagram!

Source: Stefan Kuhnigk

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