As famed photographer Ansel Adams once said "You don't take a photograph, you make it." Los Angeles based Photographer Elizabeth Parker embodies that quote. She captures and styles absolutely stunning images that trigger an instant reaction out of the viewer.

Trained in the art of digital transformation she textures mood, emotions, and thought with her use of vibrant colors and abstract imagery.

Finding inspiration in almost anything from the shapes of birds wings to dreams and color combinations. She says "conceptualizing the shoot is almost as exciting as actually shooting it; to think of a story to bring to life is really incredible."

We had the opportunity to ask Elizabeth about her stunning photography, her creative process, her inspiration and her philosophy as a photographer.

SV: What's your creative process for your shots?

EP: I like to thoroughly conceptualize a shoot and have as many details as possible floating around in my head while creative decisions are being finalized. I normally like to shoot an entire story at once, often including up to 6 models, a hair artist, a make up artist, and an assistant for one shoot so having all the details and making sure everything is very well organized is a must. I put a lot of effort into building the story and how I am going to shoot/digitally to create the concept that I am wanting to achieve. I always want to make sure that every body involved in the project knows what we are going for and I always want to make sure that they feel like a part of the process and understand the concept and are excited about it so it comes across beautifully on film.

SV: Do you also have a hand in styling the photographs as well?

EP: I work with a very talented team of make up artist and hair artist that I can put my full trust into. I give them the theme and some inspiration photos and let them take the lead in bringing my vision to life. They never disappoint me, they always surprise me with their amazing and creative talent! As for the wardrobe styling, I do handle this myself 99 percent of the time. It's such and important part of the vision most of the time and unless you are in my head you will not see what I am seeing for the wardrobe. I do often end up hand making a lot of the skirts and corsets for my shoots. I can get really creative in making some beautiful pieces that look gorgeous when the are photographed!!

SV: What made you purse this type of photography?

EP: I tried my hand at other types of photography but I felt like I just didn't "fit". This just fell in place for me. I love to shoot but I also love to work in my digital darkroom. Its really hard to say which I prefer because I love both aspects of the creative process. I think its really special when you can take an idea that just seems so impossible; like levitation, and bring it to life in a picture exactly how you saw it in your head.

SV: Who are some of your previous clients?

EP: I have had so many amazing clients- I have worked with Toyota and Yahoo and large companies like that but my all time favorite clients are the "regular" people who come to me with amazing creative ideas that I am super excited to help bring to life. I love when a client comes to me with an idea and we conceptualize it together and go through the whole process and then when I get to give them their finished product and it just really exciting!! It never gets old and I am excited every time!!!

SV: Who's your ideal client/project/goal?

EP: I don't like to plan that far ahead- I think you set yourself up for failure and disappointment and a lot of unnecessary pressure. I try to take each day as it is and am super lucky to be able to do what I love. Instead of trying to plan out my ideal goals/projects/clients I am more open minded and excited to see what the future has in store for me and what beautiful opportunities present themselves in my path.

You can see more of Elizabeth's gorgeous shots on her website and StudioVox.